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Clinked SmartDrive vs Dropbox for business.

By Edward
on April 19, 2017

Over the past few years, many cloud services have been emerging from the depths of the internet. There are so many available now, which is great for customers because they can shop around and ensure that they are getting the deal that benefits their organisation the most. Dropbox for business is a popular file sharing tool and it's obviously highly regarded. But are there any hidden gems that top the giant.


1 ) Pricing

Let's have a look at how much Dropbox costs. For a year, having 10 users on Dropbox will set your organisation back $1420.  Clinked SmartDrive would cost $490 per year, nearly a third of the price of Dropbox and at a saving of $930.

2) Features

Dropbox is plain and simply for file sharing, so why are businesses paying so much for these limited services.  Dropbox benefits in that is is available on all of the main operating systems: Mac, Windoes, Android, iOS and Linux. Clinked is available on Windows, iOS and Android.
What makes SmartDrive special are the features it has introduced. Just have a look at all of the capabilites Clinked introduces in the table below. These have all been developed to provide a software that can seriously increase efficiency in an organisation and sociability. This is definitely a giant leap to improving the way we work.

  Clinked SmartDrive Dropbox for Business
Intelligent Syncing Yes — SmartSync No
Safe Delete Yes No
Upload/sync via email Yes No
Folder/file following Yes No
Email notifications Yes No
Share folders with permissions Yes No
Branding Yes No
Threaded comments Yes No
@mentions Yes No
File locking Yes No
Workflow/Approvals Yes No
Unlimited version history Yes Optional
Mobile access IOS and Android Most platforms

These features all contribute to improving communication within your organisation, making it instant. This means you no longer have wait hours or days for your email to be replied to. The format of Clinked encourages users to contribute due to the flexibility of our threaded comments. Simply write a small message, rather than a long email and do is as and when you need to.

3) Safe Delete

Clinked SmartDrive allows you to delete your files locally without deleting them from your team's computers. This means you can stay in control of what's on your computer without the worry of disrupting someone else's work. This function is flexible. If you do need to delete a file from the cloud, it is just as simple.

4) Smart Features

SmartDrive has some interesting and unique features, the smart features. Clinked will pay attention to files that you have an interest in and then follow them. This means that your computer will  sync these files for you.  Again you can override this feature and you can also manually select which files to sync. Alternatively, you can choose to sync everything. This means that your computer isn't overloaded with useless files that you will never look at and ensures that they aren't taking up valuable disk space.

5) Security

Dropbox has had various issues with their security. First, in 2011 Techcrunch reported that a Dropbox bug had allowed people to access accounts without using a password for 4 hours. This is a vast error for a popular service.
In April 2012, TNW learned that Dropbox's iOS app had allowed users to save their passwords. The Dropbox app saved it in an unencrypted text file that could be revealed as simply as copying and pasting the password from the app.
Finally, in August 2012 ARS Technica announced that Dropbox had confirmed that they were hacked, reportedly allowing access to user email accounts.
Three significant security failures exposed within the space of 15 months is likely to have put thousands of people's business and private documents at risk.

"According to a recent survey of 4,000 business and IT managers recently conducted by Ponemon Institute, which was commissioned by security firm Thales, many business users distrust cloud security, but use the cloud anyway."**

This is an extremely shocking result. Security and data is increasingly important to businesses and compromising it is a dangerous move.

There are so many advantages of virtualising your business and the proof is in in the thousands of companies that have already done so. Choose your tool according to you business requirements.


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