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7 ways to improve communication in the workplace

Maia Creed
By Maia Creed
on April 18, 2018

Improve workplace communication


Communication holds an important role in your professional life. It’s vital for building trust and engagement in the workplace, and for boosting morale and productivity with team members. Without effective communication, management becomes disorganized, teams are underutilized, and the overall business performance will be poor.


To avoid this; there are some ways in which you, as a manager, can encourage open, honest and engaging work environment. From planning regular one-to-one meetings to considering a cloud platform for increasing transparency – let’s take a look at seven ways in which you can maximise your teams’ potential through improved communication.


1. Encourage a communication-friendly culture

As a manager, you have a responsibility to create a communication-friendly culture. Implement an open-door policy, ask employees for feedback, or simply be the first person to reach out and say ‘Good Morning’ to the rest of the team. By showing employees that you promote this kind of positive behaviour, they will feel more comfortable at work and be more willing to contribute.


2. Talk with your employees, not at them

When you listen, you learn. If you constantly talk at your employees, rather than encouraging responses and input on their part, you will never improve as a manager, and employees will never get their time to shine. You don’t want to encourage an environment where employees feel as if their opinions aren’t valuable, and so, make sure you know when to stop talking and let another team member take their turn.


3. Always make time for face-to-face communication

Whilst the advances in modern technology makes it all too easy to communicate solely with the likes of email, instant messengers and collaboration tools – face-to-face meetings are just as important to consider. In fact, working face-to-face is proven to be the best approach for building trust and working creatively. For the best results, use a combination of all communication channels, which can also accommodate the individual preferences of your employees.


4. Plan regular one-to-ones for employees

Whether you choose to do this virtually or face-to-face – try planning short meetings that are more frequent than your annual reviews. By regularly doing this, you get the chance to show employees that you value the effort they are putting into the company and that you want to offer advice on how they can maximise their potential. After all, you’re still dealing with humans, not robots.


5. Be open to receiving feedback from employees

Give your employees the chance to say what they believe it working well in the company and what they think could be made better. One way of achieving this could be with regular check-ins, which can be incorporated into your one-to-one meetings. If employees do have any issues, remind them that you are open to taking time to discuss them in confidence and will try to provide resolutions discreetly.


6. Consider a cloud platform for transparent communications

If you provide employees with a platform in which internal information can be made easily available, you’ll be encouraging openness within the workplace – which will lead to increased productivity. In fact, many cloud platforms are developed solely for improving communication, with features such as activity streams, discussions forums and live chats – just make sure you do your research to find the right solution.


7. Avoid over-communicating

Constant phone calls, out-of-hours emails and over-run meetings are just three ways in which communication can actually be counter-productive, no matter how good the intention. By understanding the boundaries of workplace communication, you can promote and ensure a healthy work-life balance for your employees, making everyone happier as a result.


Hopefully, these seven tips can help improve the way in which you use communication in the workplace, ensuring that you are getting the best possible output from your team!


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