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Harness HR power with the cloud

As a department on which so much of an organisation's functionality depends, Human Resources must integrate itself more thoroughly than ever in firm strategy and this must be reflected in its implementation of core functions such as talent management, talent acquisition and support for organisational change. According to Billy MacInnes in 'Cloud Computing', one of the main constraints from which HR departments are seeking to escape is that of in-house computing and the limitations that brings; breaking out of these performance parameters can help such departments to concentrate more on the 'job at hand'.

The cloud is the very platform on which these performance barriers can be broken down. An exploratory survey into the attitudes of HR managers has served to prove the already well-established need for a more capable supporting software alternative. One salient finding dictated that there is a significant gulf between what HR managers plan to implement and what they are actually capable of implementing, governed entirely by system capacity; cloud-based hosting services allow the effective 'offsetting' of these limits such that they are no longer allowed to govern the potential for productivity and success of departments.

While security concerns have been flagged up as one of the major preventative factors in the holistic adoption of cloud storage technology, this potential snag can not only be easily overcome by choosing a reputable SaaS provider, but also largely pales into insignificance in the face of the potential benefits. For example, HR services provider Cintra recently cited the great success of its Cintra iQ as a 'hosted' rather than on-premise service in terms of the eliminated sunk costs of server maintenance, installation and consistent high-level security to protect client data. What's more, MacInnes also states that HR as a function is technically already the biggest proponent of cloud technology; global technology giant Siemens' HCM (Human Capital Management) department is, thus far, the largest single deployment of cloud technology. Integration and standardisation of all its recruitment and personal development objectives worldwide into a single system was done by means of a cloud-based platform that allowed a 400,000-employee integration spanning 190 countries across the globe.

Clinked's own collaboration system offers the very best in terms of fileshare and project management software, but also differentiates itself through its award-winning social interaction tools. A glance at Clinked blogger Natasha's article on the difficulties of collaboration is enough to gain a decent insight into why software such as this is so necessary in a fast-paced commercial society, and HR as a department provides an eminently suitable microcosm in which this notion can be seen at work. As one of the most vital cogs in the organisational machine, the Human Resources department controls the shape taken by the organisation over time through talent management, recruitment and organisational change management initiatives. With such a great deal of importance placed on HR's functionality, it is of paramount importance that such a department works to its full potential. Clinked's varied offering in terms of wiki 'team' editing facilities, people and task management and assignment tools, comprehensive discussion tabs and an Enterprise edition with access to near unlimited features provides the perfect solution for any department wishing to harness the very maximum potential from its constituent members.

Clinked's commercial offering was released to market yesterday, Monday 28th November. To celebrate, all paid sign-ups between now and the New Year will receive the rest of 2011 absolutely free. Visit www.clinked.com now to sign up for any of our packages and unlock the full potential of your team.

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