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Cloud Collaboration software in today's business environment

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Cloud collaboration is fast becoming a major presence in today’s business environment. Productivity, efficiency, innovation and flexibility are all at the roots of a good and healthy business with most businesses constantly undertaking various tasks in an attempt to become more efficient. Whilst there are various methods for businesses to save money; one of the most effective is maximising efficiency. By improving employee productivity and workflow you can not only save money but improve profitability.  One major feature of Cloud collaboration software is the enhanced efficiency and flexibility that it can offer SMEs today.

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Productivity  is an important element among a workforce;  through better efficiency practices a company can reap the benefits of increased productivity Your workforce is likely to be one of the biggest costs for your organisation, so it is essential that you enable your staff to be a valuable asset. With collaboration software and the wealth of information readily available within the software, team members can be inspired by other members, bounce off others' progress and in turn, be more productive: 64% of senior business executives say that business initiatives are implemented faster when the business is using Cloud collaboration, as compared to other possible means.


The efficiency that Cloud collaboration software can bring to a business is endless; Forbes reported that 90% of leaders say that Cloud-based collaboration has the potential to improve virtually any set of processes. This  highlights how simply having Cloud collaboration software increases efficiency not only in specific areas but across the whole of your organisation. The Cloud enables a company to have more a resourceful and well organized business processes; there's always things that seem more long-winded than they need to be. Consider Cloud collaboration as an answer to this.


Businesses are always aspiring to be more innovative, as consumers and client expectations usually demand innovative products and services. With so much choice and industry competition in today's business environment, organisations need to stand out in order to retain their customers or clients. When a business integrates Cloud collaboration into their model; a wealth of information becomes available to guide employees to be more innovative. Through a more productive and collaborative workplace, employee innovation is said to rise: Forbes reported that 59% of executives and 93% of business leaders think that Cloud collaboration software stimulates innovation.


Companies are no longer reliant on their office server space and whenever they need more, the Cloud can remotely provide it instantly. Being able to access work from anywhere, on a device of your choice means that your office is simply a central hub for your organisation. Travel costs and overheads can be reduced from the employees not being chained to their office desk all the time. If you're travelling on business, you can get ahead with work on the way. If you forget an important document that you're supposed to send off that night, there's no need for stress. As Cloud collaboration continues to grow, it's clear it is a tool which is fast becoming more of a necessity than luxury to your company. Cloud collaboration in today's business environment will continue to increase as it becomes more essential, as 39% of organisations say that they are making extensive use of Cloud collaboration tools to engage greater flexibility in the work force.

Cloud office systems are predicted to account for 33% of the overall office market by 2017. This is because Cloud collaboration is increasingly business-critical. Cloud collaboration allows businesses to work together in a manner that was not previously available; they can manage projects in an extremely streamlined and effective way.


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