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Cloud Collaboration | 2 min read

Accessibility in the Cloud

One of the extraordinary benefits of the cloud is the accessibility it offers users. As the landscape of our industry changes, we can see more and more SMEs are migrating to the cloud. The cloud offers an innovative service; one which provides accessibility. The option for roaming, and working away from the office is present more than ever with the cloud.

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Limitless working

The accessibility of the cloud makes it the go-to place for companies due to the convenience its offers. Users can now work on projects and documents from anywhere that offers an internet connection, but not only that, they now have a lot more server space available to them. SMEs are realising the benefits of not hosting websites and apps on in house servers. This is not only on the grounds of accessibility, but also for security and costs.

Data Security

A recent survey conducted actually ‘identified that when it came to Cloud uptake, the biggest concern for firms is where their data is being stored, with 64% identifying this as a key issue’ *.
This needn't bee a worry as 85% of data centres have data backup and recovery plans to ensure that your files are safe**. The beauty of cloud storage means that your files, although united in one place online, could be stored in various geographical locations. If there is a problem at a data centre, it's unlikely to be significant enough to disrupt your business.

Where data is stored should not be of a concern to your business, any concerns should be about how securely your data is stored (encryption and physical facility security). You should also consider the extent at which your data becomes inaccessible. If your servers are down how will this affect your business?
Luckily, cloud servers are much more secure and robust than your average SME's on-premise server. Cloud servers also offer the added benefit of being accessed from anywhere the user wishes. SME’s need to be focusing less on where and more on how accessible and secure the cloud service is.

Keeping up

Living in a world that is increasingly technology based, more competitive and where everyone is staying connected everywhere they go, is leading us into faster-paced lifestyles. The cloud allows us to keep up.
Cloud services are accessible using a multitude of platforms. In our everyday lives there is always "an app for that", and within the Cloud there are no exceptions. Now you can stay connected when you're on the go via your phone, tablet, laptop- anything on which you can connect to WiFi. Many Cloud services nowadays have a specific app for their products, simplifying the product in order to enhance user experience and adding a profound new layer of accessibility.


The technology allowing us to constantly be connected to our work itself is a revolutionary change in our business environment; But how is this any different to having your work with you? Being in the cloud gives you the opportunity to share and connect with all of your co-workers, This means that your accessibility extends to your colleagues' work, meaning you can bounce off others' ideas and contribute remotely. This new, social approach can make your staff more innovative, productive, flexible and efficient.

With the internet becoming more developed, more accessible and more widespread, the Cloud is fast becoming the destination of information technology, with many businesses taking the lead. Collaboration is one of the most important factors of working within a business and now it is easier than ever.

*Sourced from SourcingFocus

**Based on figures provided by Eckhaus

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