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Business Marketing | 3 min read

Top 10 Online Tools For Your Business

It's important for businesses, especially small ones, to take advantage of as many online tools as possible. Businesses can now be mostly managed online, and this way businesses can be more resourceful and efficient.

We've found so business essentials which could help you out hugely throughout many aspects of your organisation. Here is the top 10 online tools for your Business.



mailchimp logo

MailChimp is an excellent online application for managing your business' outbound email campaigns. MailChimp allows you to create custom campaigns and custom lists and hands all of the control to you. Anything within the capabilities of outbound email, MailChimp always seems to handle. With advanced metrics and reports, the tool can even tell you when to schedule your emails for the greatest impact!




shopify logo

Great for consumer product businesses, Shopify allows you to create your own online store. It accepts most currencies and supports many languages. It's also very customisable and allows you to design your store to a specific style that is unique for you in a sleek and elegant way. For a seller, this product could save you a lot of money on processing orders and marketplace infrastructure.




linkedin logoPerhaps the most obvious of business tools, Linkedin is great for connecting with potential clients and finding out more about them. It's great for managing other contacts too such as media and publicity contacts. It's also a great way to publish inbound marketing to a targeted audience.




wordpresslogo.pngWordpress has developed into powerful Content Management System and the capabilities are endless. So many businesses are now using Wordpress to manage their website. With a huge catalogue of plugins and themes as well as such flexible ways to customise your design, Wordpress is a winner. Best of all, it's free.



Google Analytics

analytics_logo.pngAnalytics are such an essential part of any business with online operations. It's importsant to know what your traffic is doing and where it is coming from in order to recognise trends and respond to changes. It's also essential to measure progress. Google Analytics will give you thorough and advanced analytics which are essential.



Get Satisfaction

getsatisfaction-logo_primary-color-slogan-e1289591622678.jpgGet Satisfaction is a community engagement tool to allow your customers or clients to communicate with you. This is a great way to support your clients and ensure, as the name suggests, that they are satisfied.




Moz-Logo.jpgSEO is a hugely important element of your online business presence and Moz provides some of the leading tools to improve your search engine optimisation. Moz will also provide you with the relevant tools to monitor your progress, rankings and amends that can be made to improve your ranking.





fonolo_logo.pngFonolo helps improve your customer service hugely. It's mission is to ensure that none of your customers are ever left on hold. By mapping company phone trees, Fonolo can navigate to the right person within seconds, rather than minutes. If that person is unavailable, instead of being left to wait on hold, your customer will have the opportunity to request a call-back as soon as that person becomes available.




freshbooks-logo-rgb.pngFonolo helps improve your customer service hugely. FreshBooks is cloud based simple accounting app, built for small business owners to get organized and get paid. You'll spend less time billing, and more time getting down to business.





clinked_logo-grey-text-2000_1.pngIf you have clients, you need Clinked. It is the easiest and best way to exchange documents, work on projects and communicate with your Clients. Clinked is a white-labelled Client Portal, once it is setup, you will have your own branded mobile app, your own domain, your branded SmartSync to give your clients ultimate customer service experience


So that's it. Have a browse and see if these tools could be for you! 

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