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Working Remotely With Clinked

Business Cloud Collaboration
According to an article in The Guardian  “a survey of business owners by Virgin Media  Business recently predicted that 60% of office-based employees will regularly work from home by 2022. A  separate survey by Office Angels found a third of employees think commuting will be unheard of by 2036.”
remote work
So what does this mean when it comes to existing methods of team and client interaction? It’s true that  nowadays we are already highly adept at ‘on-the-go’ communication with each other. With social media  apps on our phones and iPads and email accounts set up to notify us almost instantly of new mail, gone  are the days of calling friends from a phone box and just arranging to meet at a certain time and place,  because we are now accessible by a simple call, text or notification ‘ping’. This is all well and good in our  social lives but what about when it comes to business?

More and more of us will find we need to be accessible for our clients and teams alike. It seems good  business sense to respond to pressing emails and project deadlines, sometimes whether it has gone 6pm  or not. So the times when we are working from home, attending an off-site client meeting and required to  submit ideas and feedback with our fellow workforce are ever increasing and we need the right technology  in order to do so.


When not in the office we need access to our emails, we need to be able to communicate and collaborate  with our colleagues and clients and even more importantly we need secure and traceable access to  documents, files and project information.

Time Saving
With so many different apps available to fuse all aspects of the working day, you could find your iPad,  mobile phone and laptop becoming full of myriad little squares! Does this save time though or hinder it?
A time saving and productive solution would be to use minimal apps and portals to assist in doing as much  as possible. A client portal such as Clinked facilitates file sharing, project management of tasks and events,  group collaboration and an essential audit trail, all stored in the ever relied on Cloud.


Peace of Mind
The last thing you want when out of the office is to spend hours on a project proposal or that client brief you  are responding to, only to have a dreaded laptop crash or the document lost. Imagine when back in the  office, hoping to impress your team with that 30 page document you completed whilst working from  home yesterday afternoon, then to realise you didn’t upload it to a viable file management tool in the Cloud  and so idly it sits on your Vaio desktop at home! Epic fail.
One Stop Solution
So it makes perfect sense to utilise a client and team workspace such as Clinked. It is fully secure, robust,  intuitive and easy to use and allows collaboration whether on or off site, this is also (thanks to the Cloud)  internationally useful; with more and more teams and clients not only working or residing remotely but  many across various countries, it’s key to use a solution that can be accessed anywhere to join together all t he aspects of the working day in a central Cloud based platform.

Better still, it is brandable so you can invite new members to download the App with your own branded logo and that problem of myriad squares on their screens can be sorted with one click of a button in the App store. Happy days.

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