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Clinked Introduces Password Protected Shares Feature For Guests


Clinked password feature

Here at Clinked, we are constantly working to improve our client portal software and heighten our customer’s experiences. Whether your business wants a client portal focusing around project management capabilities, or simply the ability to share large, highly sensitive files; Clinked wants to provide a satisfying experience for every business.Last month, Clinked released its latest feature for the users of our client portal. We’re introducing ‘Password Protected Shares For Guests’, the feature that allows users to assign a password to an external share.

The new feature is an addition to Clinked’s existing ‘external sharing’ feature. The ‘external sharing’ feature was designed to give Clinked users the option to share external files with team members who don’t have access to their own account. Clinked users can either do this by either pressing the green ‘share’ button or by locating the ‘shared with’ function at the bottom of the chosen file. Previously, users were only able to type in an e-mail address, message and expiry date for the share.


Clinked password feature

Clinked password feature

Here are the two places you can locate the option to share your file/s.


Now the new add-on to this feature means that guests are still able to securely access the file or folder that has been shared externally by the Clinked user without needing an account, however they can now type in a password that the Clinked user has the opportunity to choose to set, in order to gain access to the document.

Clinked is hoping that its users will make good use out of the new addition to external shares to allow them to share files even more securely with a password.


How to set a password protected share with Clinked:


Clinked password feature
Choose the file or folder you would like to share externally.


Clinked password feature

Type in the details: the addressee and a message. You can see that the new feature is located under the security settings – ‘Require password’.


Clinked password feature

Tick the box to set a password for your guests to type in so they are able to access the shared file or folder.


Clinked CEO Tayfun Bilsel explains the importance of this new ‘password’ feature for Clinked users, both in terms of security and for even faster collaboration:

“Since the files are shared outside of the organisation, it is [the Clinked user’s] responsibility, as the owner, to protect the content of the document. With this new feature, you can enable secure access by sharing password-protected files to your clients or employees. Doing so, it delivers the file safely, and ensures that it can only be accessed by the right recipient.”

“[The new feature] would make it more secure to share files and folders with people just by typing an e-mail, without people needing to sign up to the platform. Therefore it is ideal for sharing documents quickly and securely.”


We hope that this new feature, assigning a password to a share, helps our customers feel even more secure when sharing their files with external team members and clients.


Watch a tutorial on how to use the new feature here.


Are you new here? Have a look at Clinked’s features to find out if we could be the client portal for your business!

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