How To Create Your Own Client Portal (The Easy Way)

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Whether you’re an investment advisor, accountant, lawyer or management consultant - a client portal can be a great addition to your business and is flexible enough to adapt to your particular company's needs. Helping to boost client satisfaction, increase employee productivity and saving valuable time and money are key benefits of a client portal. In addition, companies with a client portal may experience higher rates of retention, with both clients and employees, due to the remote accessibility and increased confidence around managing highly sensitive data.


When it comes to implementing a client portal...

You can either build one yourself or choose to purchase client portal software. Choosing to build your own could prove costly and time-consuming. Therefore, for a business looking for a quick solution, purchasing a client portal software is likely to be the fastest and easiest option to drive immediate impact. Aside from saving precious time and money when compared with building your own, purchasing a client portal software such as Clinked can immediately provide your business with a number of additional benefits (read: Client Portals - Why Might My Business Need One?)

  • Easy implementation
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Access to support from the professionals
  • Easier IT maintenance
  • Scalable pricing options to fit your business
  • Bank-grade level security
  • Strengthen business relationships

Implementing a new solution within your business and collaborating through a customised, secure environment has never been easier. You can get started within minutes, white labelling your portal and inviting members to start sharing information and new ideas right away.


Step 1 - Setting Up

Setting up your portal is a quick and simple task. Once you have signed up and created an account, you can get on with customising  your client portal to match your companies branding.  If you need any help with the process, one of the benefits of purchasing client portal software is that you’ll have access to support in multiple forms – online support, e-mail, telephone, video tutorials and demos. 

You can change your login screen, logo, colour scheme and portal terminology from your account settings. You can even customise your portal domain, as well as the email address that email notifications are sent out from (by default this is giving you a completely white-label environment for your clients.

In addition to this, you also have the option to white-label our mobile app for your clients to locate and download from the App Store and Google Play, listed under your company name. It has all of the same functionalities as the Clinked web version, but is available to use on the go. 



Step 2 - Creating Clients 

Once you're happy that the set up of your Client Portal looks professional, you can start creating your different groups before adding your team members and clients. This will be the final stage before starting to use your portal for communication and collaboration with your clients. 

Each group can be customised to fit the specific needs of your clients. Brand their individual space by adding their logo and colour scheme to create a more personalised experience. Add a customised welcome note with important information or media as the first thing clients see.

To add participates, you can invite your clients via email, create their accounts and provide them with their login details, or import them from a CSV file.


Step 3 - Collaborating With Clients & Team Members

Once your client portal has been set up, branded and participants added, it's time to start collaborating.

Use the many different features that Clinked offers to improve communication with your clients and boost productivity within the workplace. From group chats to discussion, you'll be able to review and participate in a single location across the various groups to better understand your clients' activity while interacting with your teams as well as your internal activities delivering top notch service. 

Also, as an added feature, Clinked provides the ability to share content externally to guests - individuals without ‘user’ status within your portal. This quick and easy options allows your team to share documents/folders outside of groups safely with extra security of optional password protection and expiry date/time. 

Now it's time to leverage all the power Clinked has to offer. Finalise, annotate and approve documents, discuss new ideas, plan events with your team and clients, set tasks with deadlines and loads more - all within a centralised, branded environment.  


Have a look around our website, find out more information about our client portal solution and sign up for your 10 day free trial if you think Clinked could be the right client portal for your business!

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