6 Features That Make The Perfect Client Portal Solution

A client portal is a secure way for your clients to communicate with you online. More specifically, it is used for safely sharing documents, services and information between you and your customer(s) across the Internet. A properly implemented client portal not only improves the communication efficiency with your clients, but also allows sharing of information within your team and keeping all relevant members informed in a timely manner.

A client portal supports your website by offering an additional channel to share content one on one with individual customers. Through a controlled and secured access, you can confidently your share sensitive documents and other communications to an individual customer, a group of them or all of them as needed. If you’re considering a client portal solution and you don’t know where to start, take a look at these six important features that you should be looking out for.


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White-label branding

From custom logos, branding, terminology, domain URL and more - a branded client portal will create a professional environment that will impress your clients whilst attracting new ones, whilst building trust. Customers will be much more comfortable engaging when they feel that they are in your environment rather than a generic third-party software. When it comes to offering customisation to your solution, watch out for hidden costs, as some solutions may only offer white-label branding as an add-on.


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Client and project groups

It’s important to be able to have the ability to create individual client and project groups that you can: personalise, so your clients will get that individual touch; control access to on a user-by-user basis, which will heighten your security measures; provide a secure space for sharing your information with the relevant people, so you can ensure the right documents are always in the right hands.


Activity dashboard

An activity dashboard will provide you with the latest updates of your individual group activity, share your own updates with your client portal members and receive email notifications. You can make sure that you keep informed about files that have been uploaded, comments that have been made, conversations that are taking place and more.


File management

It’s important to prioritize security when looking at file management. Bank-grade security should be the minimum offered and remember to look out for access controls like user-based file permissions and file locking. And what with services like e-mail and Dropbox that have file upload size limitations, an unlimited file size limit could be extremely convenient.


Collaborative editing

Keep your clients engaged with your business and encourage them to get involved. Features such as file approval requests, commenting and external file sharing can assist in getting work signed off quickly and efficiently whilst helping you to remain transparent with clients throughout the process.


Team communication

You can save time from having to organise long e-mail chains and efficiently connect with your clients by offering real-time conversations from within your client portal instead. And what’s more, when sharing information, you can have the ability to add comments and post discussions for the rest of your users to see and provide feedback; whilst members that have been away can seamlessly catch up later on.


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