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9 Reasons You Should Invest In Intranet Software

Intranet software shouldn’t be confused with the Internet. Intranets are private networks that are only accessible within an enterprise (via the Internet), whereas the Internet is accessible to everyone with an Internet connection.

From SMEs to large corporate organisations, you’ll find that intranets are being adopted by businesses of all sizes. Intranet software is a valuable asset to a business: from having a secure cloud location to store company resources, to having a workspace that allows employees to collaborate and connect remotely; there are hundreds of continually advancing intranet solutions to choose from, depending on your business needs.

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Improve internal communications

An intranet will allow your members to interact openly with management, colleagues, business partners and clients. If your organisation is dispersed across different locations, implementing an intranet can ease the communication process when collaborating on projects. Your intranet can be a place where important announcements can be published, feedback can be gathered and teams can be brought together virtually. 



Resource management 

One of the more popular uses for intranet software is for resource management. Important business documents such as policies, procedures, corporate guidelines, and branding guidelines can be safely stored in the cloud for easy reference. Additionally, by controlling user access to specific resources, it further increases the control over who, within your organisation, has access to certain documents being stored.



A branded workspace

A white-labelled intranet creates a connection and association between employees and a brand. It’s important for your team to feel like they are all involved in the daily business processes, as this keeps productivity high. We’ve already published a post about the benefits of a white-label solution, which you can read about here.



Easy accessibility, 24/7

With remote work becoming commonplace amongst businesses, having intranet software eases the process and ensures that remote employees can stay connected. Furthermore, there are reports that suggest that remote working makes for greater employee engagement and drives employee efficiency.



Manage your projects better

A lot of intranet solutions offer project management features. This means that within your intranet you’ll be able to transparently delegate tasks amongst team members, set clear deadlines, and monitor progress. Combining the project management features with communication features of intranet software (such as ‘comments’ and ‘instant chat’), multiple group projects can be managed and completed efficiently.

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Ease of implementation

When choosing your intranet software, the easiest method is by choosing a subscription-based cloud software vendor. You can choose your package dependant on the size of your company, and once you’ve signed up you can set up your intranet straight away. After branding and inviting team members, you can begin to uploading, sharing documents and collaborating. It’s also worth noting that subscription-based packages are scalable, meaning that your intranet solution can grow as your company does. 



Meet security requirements

An intranet is a great tool for storing and sharing secure documentation within organisations. With the availability of end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication and private cloud solutions - there are multiple security measures that you can take to protect your data within your intranet software, dependant on the level of protection you require.

Read more about Data Security



Efficient team collaboration

Teams will be encouraged to collaborate more. As documentation and other information will be stored in a cloud workplace, it’s easy for team members to work on the same project with maximum communication and collaboration capabilities (e.g. Intranets can come with features designed to improve collaboration, such as version control, document approvals, comments and live chat).



Increase productivity

Check up on the progress of current tasks, add an important date to the group calendar (and set a reminder), and upload your final document to get it signed off; all from within the same cloud workspace. The average professional worker spends as much as 28% of the week managing email and 20% searching for information. However, when adopting an intranet as a platform for communication and knowledge sharing within an organisation, all information is accessible in one location and search can be reduced by as much as 35%.

Clinked offers intranet software for businesses wanting to embrace a more productive environment for teams. 

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