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Abundant Autumn: 9 Key Features

As the apples get ready for picking in the Northern hemisphere, our Clinked team has been productively harvesting our abundant feature releases these past months. Below is a recap of the top 9 features to refresh hearts & minds - perhaps while enjoying a PSL in a cosy jumper (aka sweater). We hope these help you have an Abundant Autumn! 

Fall into autumn1. Reach Out

One our personal favourite new feature releases was Reach Out, this great new addition to your portal allows you to easily send out news or updates to multiple groups within your portal. Recipients will receive the message via a Clinked email notification - you can even insert links and add attachments. Find the Reach out feature by navigating to the announcement icon at the top of your portal (only available to super admins). 

Learn more: https://clinked.com/features/reach-out/


2. File Request

The file request feature is super handy for those of you that often need to collect documents from clients. You can find this feature by navigating to a folder inside your document storage. If you select the drop down menu you’ll see the option to “Request Files”, simply enter their email address and the name of the file you’re requesting. They’ll receive an email with a link to upload the file (they don’t even need to be a member of your portal). 

Learn more: https://clinked.com/features/file-request/


3. One to one chat

This was one of our most highly requested features so we had to deliver it to you guys, it’s pretty self explanatory really - you can have one to one conversations in Clinked!

Learn more: https://clinked.com/features/group-chat/


4. JotForm integration 

Our JotForm integration has been around for a while - but we’ve recently added some new improvements to it. So you can now easily store all of the data from your JotForm submissions as a .csv file inside your Clinked document storage. The file will automatically update when new submissions are submitted.  

Learn more: https://clinked.com/features/jotform-integration/


5. Time tracking 

Did you know that your Clinked portal automatically tracks the amount of time you’re spending on your tasks? You don’t even need to do anything, simply set your task as In Progress and Clinked will automatically start timing until the task is completed. 

Learn more: https://blog.clinked.com/time-tracking


6. Document thumbnail gallery

If you have loads of images in your Clinked documents - then this feature is for you! Switch your file view to the thumbnail gallery for an easy display of all your images and files.

Learn more: https://blog.clinked.com/document-thumbnail-gallery


7. Zapier

This integration has probably been one of our most popular new releases ever. Zapier allows you to set up automations between different online applications, it saves tons of time and makes day to day tasks super easy. You can now automate tasks between Clinked and all your favourite apps. 

Learn more: https://clinked.com/features/zapier-integration/


8. Client Preview

This again was a feature that was highly requested by our customers - in order to let you view your portal as a client would. So we made it possible, simply navigate to the main members section and select a user. When you select the settings icon, you’ll see the option to login as them. 

Learn more: https://blog.clinked.com/client-preview-feature


9. Adobe Sign

We have an integration with Adobe Sign that enables you to request signatures and sign documents easily from within Clinked. This integration does require you to have an Enterprise account with Adobe Sign. 

Learn more: https://clinked.com/features/adobe-sign-integration/


We hope you are finding all of these features useful. While our feature harvest has been abundant, we're actively working for the next rounds of features to come so keep an eye out for our next releases. 


The Clinked Team

P.S. Not using Clinked yet? Contact our team here to schedule a demo or try a free 10-day trial to see how it works anytime.

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