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Clinked Learnings: Accountex USA

Our Clinked team shipped off to Boston for Accountex USA, a leading technology & accountancy conference, to discuss the intersection of internal teams & external clients – where client knowledge lives.

It was such a pleasure meeting so many of the attendees visiting for both the educational sessions and to visit those exhibiting. These conversations were opportunities for our team to learn from attendees across industries, functions and geographies - and they sure were fun to chat and joke with. As such, we thought it would be fun to share our key insights from those stopping by our booth - enjoy!

Boston Love from Clinked-1Below are our Clinked Top 5 Key Insights: 

1. Everyone loves SUCCULENTS 🌵
2. Followed in a close second by British Tea or, as our friends @Surf Accounts found, Irish Whiskey! ☕

3. Security of client data is front of mind

“Attendees realise that email, even when encrypted combined with password protected documents, is an inefficient and cumbersome workflow process. From our conversations, 30% of attendees have a client portal to address their secure transfer and protection of client documentation and data needs. However, the remaining 70% haven’t found the right solution for them - 10% are trialing something while the remaining 60% are looking for something to replace email as their primary communication tool for client documentation and data.”
Vicky Cheng, Head of Client Development at Clinked

4. Document Management is a key need across industries

“Client portals have been around for a while, however their one-way functionality and lack of white-labelling has left some asking for more. This is why we created Clinked - we offer more options to tell stories for those who want to go beyond combining collaborative functionality found in many internal only software products with the ability to drive two-way channels between external parties and internal teams.”
Tayfun Bilsel, CEO of Clinked 

5. Adoption is a key risk with any technology

As anyone who has tried a new technology knows, adoption is a key risk to drive effectiveness across a team or user bases. Understanding requirements, setting a shared vision, and communicating with those involved can be the foundational steps to understand the needs for successful adoption. We’ve created a checklist to help understand if a client portal may be the right fit for your team to help start with understanding requirements and setting a shared vision. 

We’re looking forward to continuing conversations with those who attended Accountex USA. It was wonderful to learn how our white-labelled platform can bring seamless branded experiences paired with bank-grade security and cloud-based interface to deliver secure collaboration on highly sensitive client data and projects to so many across various industries. 

If you missed the event or want to learn more about Clinked, contact our team here to schedule a demo or try a free 10-day trial to see how it works anytime.

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Sarah Broderick

Sarah is the Chief Revenue Officer at Clinked. She joined Clinked with 15-years experience in financial services, private equity, and software focussed on client experience, engagement, and delivery.

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