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Clinked Client Stories: Sharing the Love

We’re blushing :) The love our Clinked Clients have been sharing publicly has been amazing. From managing consultants to family planners and commercial builders, we are continually amazed by the diversity of uses clients find value with Clinked - and that they share about it!

Thank you to those publicly sharing your successes and those privately referring Clinked to others in your network. You are the definition of success to us.

We recently shared with clients that we have started a new programme called Clinked Client Stories. From time to time, we will take a moment to look at a few examples of our client’s sharing stories about us and giving them a shout in return. Enough about us, on to the real stars of the show!

Clinked Shares the Love 4-1

AKP Solutions

AKP Solutions is a management consulting firm based in Toronto, Ontario. AKP Solutions delivers their client base growth consulting expertise in key areas of operations, project management and people matters. Founder Alexandra Kapelos-Peters, who we can only describe as a software maestro, is an active member of several software testing platforms and has been trying everything available to best serve their clients. Having tried solutions file sharing software and task platform, she was surprise to find that the client facing focus now allows her to achieve the results of multiple platforms in one place with a window for the clients to participate. She shared with our team “Clinked adds that next level of quality to our clients through the branding and ease of use.”

After using Clinked for a few months, their team shared the following amazing props about us:

Want this expertise in your a small to medium sized business? Optimise your ops, projects and people matters by reaching out to Alexandra & the AKP Solutions team at info@akp.solutions or https://www.akp.solutions/.

Happy Advisors Inc

Financial planning requires an expert touch that takes expertise, focus and time to develop. Happy Advisor Inc is being developed with this touch guided by the force that is Jesse Vu and her team based in Calgary, Alberta. Over her impressive career, Jesse has been achieving the most for her clients to succeed with their financial goals (just check out her LinkedIn posts, she’s on it!) and has been using Clinked to deliver more for clients at Exceedia Consulting Ltd. She’s now taking that success to the next level with Happy Advisors Inc and we’re thrilled to be part of this exciting new practice management platform Jesse & team are creating!

Curious to learn more about Happy Advisors Inc? Reach out to the team at info@happyadvisor.ca or https://happyadvisor.ca/


Homebrook Ltd

Homebook Ltd are specialists in commercial refurbishment and shopfitting industry based in Leicestershire, England. They use Clinked in the delivery of their full turnkey solutions, office refurbishments, and fire suppression services for clients throughout the UK (P.S. if you’ve been in a Costa, you’ve likely experienced their skills!). And they are keeping Clinked front of mind with our “Proud Clinked user sticker” for our welcome pack for new subscription joiners.

We’re excited that Clinked is helping Homebrook delivery their top notch services to Clients throughout our home country – if you’re a business in the UK looking for a turnkey office refurbishment, drop them an email at info@homebrook.co.uk or visit https://www.homebrook.co.uk/.


Sawston Football Club

Ok, so they aren’t Clinked client (yet!) however we wanted to share a personal Clinked story about a local football (i.e. soccer for those in the US & Australia) club near and dear to our hearts – our Clinked team all grew up playing youth sport afterall!

We are proud to sponsor young players in the town of Sawston, UK as they experience the joys of sport and team comradery. Well down Sawston U8s - we’re proud to sponsor your efforts this season!

At Clinked, we are continually impressed by our clients and their business achievements. If you’re a Clinked client, reach out to our team to share your story – we look forward to hearing from you!

Not a Clinked client yet and curious to deliver more to your clients?

Give our team a call to get a consultative session scheduled. We look forward to speaking with you and learning about your business and client needs!

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