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Community Initiatives: Clinked Global Offer


At Clinked, we focus on building human relationships.

Community Initatives-1Our software is used by thousands of people every day to drive interactions of people - clients, partners, teams - across industries and geographies to work better together. In working with our clients, new and old, we realised how powerful of an impact our technology has - specifically when sharing knowledge in a secure way to drive change.


The injustices driving civil protests in the United States, where a majority of our clients are based and home of some team members, has evoked us to search into how we can to get involved.


When the pandemic hit globally we offered Clinked for 12-months free to all COVID-19 initiatives for specific medical response programmes, medical research initiatives, or community facing initiatives - today, we are extending this offer to community initiatives organising people to challenge beliefs, share knowledge and drive change globally. 


Share this with organisations working on community-facing initiatives addressing barriers that perpetuate injustice. We ask anyone interested to reach out to us via email at team@clinked.com to promptly arrange a conversation, discuss the organisation's initiative and to get qualified efforts set up immediately.


The peaceful efforts of the many to stand together needs significant support. We stand with you to organise communities, educate others and share knowledge so we can all move forward together in addressing systemic issues that need to change.


Please be safe, take care of each other & stand together. 



The Clinked Team


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