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Coronavirus Update For Clinked Clients

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Corona Virus Clinked

Dear Clinked Clients,

The past few weeks have brought significant uncertainty given the global health emergency classified now as a pandemic. 

At Clinked, we are prepared to consistently deliver our SaaS product to your organisations and your clients. We know Clinked has become an integral part of how you work regardless of your physical location. Given this, it has become a way to provide business-critical service to your clients and teams, particularly in uncertain times such as these. As we move forward in the weeks ahead, we wanted to reach out to ensure lines of communication are open to all our clients. 

Our team has prepared to work remotely and, given our historical practice of remote work, we are confident in our ability to maintain our continual service to you. Our systems are in place to deliver in line with these remote activities ensuring business as usual from our clients’ point of view. 

Clinked is a flexible system. Your use of it today can be adjusted to help meet the changing needs your organisation, team and external relationships as there are increasing needs for social distancing and remote work. 

Here are a few ideas that may help with these current needs:
  1. Streamline client or project-specific workflows via tasks
  2. Create a document repository for team to securely use while working remote
  3. Use built-in chat (1-1 or group) for secure communication in real-time (portal or mobile)

Also, we’ve shared some of our insights in a recent blog to share our team’s best practices too. 

Reach out to our team in the coming weeks to discuss any ideas you’d like to explore or implement with Clinked. We can easily be reached via email at info@clinked.com or you can complete this form and a member of our team will call

Thank you for being our client. We’re proud to help organisations globally achieve more for your clients and achieving more together. 


The Clinked Team

P.S. Please make sure to follow our social media channels (see below icons) to stay updated.

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