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Business Client Portal | 2 min read

Five Things Your Boss Needs In A Client Portal

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If you are considering that a client portal could be the right solution for your company, and your boss is looking at the requirements that they need; then look no further. Here are five things that a client portal can provide, that your boss is going to be looking for in a potential solution.


1. They want to easily see the latest team/client updates

Always having a clear overview of progress from team members and clients will make life a lot easier for your boss. A way of using a client portal in order to do this can be to create individual groups for projects/clients/departments; and so your boss can be able to follow the progress of each area that they are in charge of. 


2. They want to have access to files from anywhere

Being able to instantly retrieve documents and information when on the go will be an important feature for your boss. If they are constantly travelling from place to place, cloud-based client portals are ideal for when they need to upload, view and download files quickly and efficiently; rather than having the restriction of only being able to access information from local servers in the office.


3. They want to be able to closely monitor employee/client activity

Part of the job, as a boss, is to manage their employees, team members and clients. In order to do this effectively, client portal solutions (like Clinked) provide useful features such as audit trails, dashboards and activity streams. This way, your boss can clearly see which individual users are logging in, viewing, downloading and deleting content…and when.


4. They want to have complete control over user access

Who can view, edit and delete certain files and folders? Your boss needs to know that client portals will have the capability to let them choose the required access permissions of groups and files - and on an individual user basis (such as team members, employees, clients and business partners). And where data security is concerned, it’s reassuring for your boss to be able to regulate access to potentially sensitive information.


5. They want all information to also be available on mobile devices

With an estimated 2.32 billion people using smartphones worldwide, according to Statistica, and technology rapidly developing; it’s no wonder your boss will want information that is accessible from the office, to also be readily available to them on their mobile devices. Luckily, Clinked has a mobile app that connects users on all devices, allowing them to easily communicate and access content.


Are you considering a client portal for your company? If so, take a look at these eight questions that you should be asking before purchasing client portal software.

If you’d like to find out more about Clinked client portals, you can head over to our website, take a look at our features or sign up for a free 10-day trial today. You can also download Clinked’s e-book ‘The Ultimate Guide To Client Portals’ to gather more useful information on implementing a client portal into your business.



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