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Business Collaboration | 3 min read

How using a collaboration tool will help you grow your business

There’s no doubt that running a business can be an extremely stressful process; with endless amounts of tasks to complete, it’s practically impossible to do it alone. A crucial part of being a business owner is to make sure that your company is consistently growing, and although it can be difficult, you’ll find that it’s the key to success.



One of the greatest ways you can do this is by having an effective tool that can help you collaborate with your team and clients.


What is communication?

Communication is the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing or using some other medium. Which is crucial within businesses, but really, it’s all about collaborating with your colleagues and/or clients in a way that works well for your organisation...and helps you build together as a team.

By getting multiple opinions on various documents, discussing ideas together and sharing different views; you can effectively manage work and think of new ways to grow your business.

The importance of having efficient communication with your customers

One of, if not the most important thing to think about while running a business is that you are offering a high standard of customer service, and are communicating sufficiently with clients. Remember, your customers are the centre of your business, so having the ability to work with them frequently from anywhere, can be really beneficial for you.  

In particular, if a lot of the time you and your clients don’t work from the same location, that’s where an online collaboration tool could really help you out: allowing you to share files in a secure environment, request approvals, receive feedback or add annotations, and have live group discussions. All of these features result in a smoothly running work process that is much more efficient than email, for example.


How different industries would benefit from a collaboration tool

There are loads of different industries that will all benefit massively from using an online client portal/collaboration tool, from accounting firms to healthcare companies, marketing agencies, education and more. By having the flexibility to access an online environment that is bank-grade secure, where you can share anything from payrolls to press releases, you will no longer have to worry about constantly sending emails back and forth in order to share your work with one another.

As well this, you will be overall increasing productivity by having an organisational tool to help you manage and assign tasks. Clinked even offers an option which allows you to customise your portal to match with your company’s branding; you can upload your own logo, create a white-label mobile app and even have your own custom URL.

It’s clear that regardless of which industry you work in, collaboration is a powerful tool within the business world. The way in which you collaborate with others; that being clients, work colleagues or making new connections with people you meet who can open opportunities for your business, will massively affect the success and growth of your company. You can see that Clinked offers a number of features that will help you achieve this.

Hopefully this article helped you understand the importance of collaborating and communicating well when it comes to businesses.



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