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Time to Transform Your Digital Customer Experience?

Customer experience and customer success are both very hot topics at the moment across all industries. We know the importance of client satisfaction and offering an exceptional customer support channel, but it’s less often that we hear about the customer experience as a whole. While the two are very closely linked, customer success focuses more on supporting clients to ensure your product or service is providing value and that you’re delivering the necessary guidance, while assisting with any troubleshooting needed. The client experience on the other hand is about establishing the systems and processes that allow your clients to access this information across multiple channels, while providing valuable content and user friendly interfaces.

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What is a Digital Customer Experience?

The term digital customer experience can mean any digital platform that your clients are using to interact with your company. Your website is typically where the client experience begins when you’re first discovered through either paid or organic search, but the experience shouldn't end there. It should also be complemented by other channels such as social media, help centres, external apps and any other systems being used as a virtual knowledge base e.g. community groups. While many of these examples serve both sides of the client journey - from brand awareness and marketing to the sales process and client engagement - there are also platforms that can be used as a single source of interactions with your current clients. Such platforms include client portal tools like Clinked, that put the focus on what a client needs and enable self service 24/7 as well as regular engagements with your team. It’s vital that you can understand how digital engagements with your clients will influence their view of you and their willingness to work with or recommend your brand.

In a recent study, Qualtrics found that "Over 65% of customers said that their experience on the website or app would be at least a very important factor in their willingness to recommend a brand."

Why you Need a Digital Transformation

With the current state of the globe and heavy shift towards virtual communication, a digital customer experience transformation to involve primarily online methods for ease of remote working is more important than ever. By providing clients with valuable resources across multiple digital channels, at a consistently high standard in both content and usability, customers will inevitably develop a positive perception of your brand. Online resources in addition to virtual touch points from your employees are the key fundamentals for a successful customer experience, so long as you’ve done your research and know your customers well enough to give them what they want.

In today's client-centric world, it’s not enough to just give your clients what they need, because there will usually be multiple businesses offering exactly the same. It’s so easy for customers to leave when they aren’t fully satisfied with the product or service being offered, and expectations are increasing dramatically. That’s why companies that go above and beyond what their clients expect are more successful in achieving results and keeping customers long term. One of the best ways to do this is by using personalisation, creating an experience that has been tailored to each of your clients individual needs rather than treating them the same way.

“A personalization strategy allows you to identify segments of visitors with distinct preferences or needs, then create targeted experiences for them.”

In order to create a personalized experience for your customers, it’s important to first understand what difficulties they face so that you can provide a solution that satisfies their needs. For example, do your clients want the ability to communicate in real time as opposed to back and forth emails, or would they benefit from having a central location to access all the documentation they need with ease, and across any device.

The Shift in Modern Day Buyer 

Since the Covid pandemic hit the demand for a seamless digital experience has rapidly increased. Now is the time to change the way you interact with customers, and start giving them an experience that suits them whenever and wherever they need it. This is no longer an option, but a must have if you want clients to feel engaged and satisfied with your service.

Forrester predicts that 25% of brands will have significant advances in the quality of their customer experience in the year 2021.

With customers being so aware of the capabilities with current day technology, it’s caused a shift in expectations resulting in a new kind of modern buyer. If you aren’t adopting technologies available and staying connected with the latest digital trends, you are putting yourself at a major disadvantage. Your digital experience will be first in your clients mind and so must come first for you too.

Creating a Single Stop for Interactions

A great solution that can be used as a foundation for building your digital customer experience platform is a client portal - this is a tool that allows you to manage your clients entire journey after coming onboard with your business. Using an external software to provide a centralised location for all things client management, from document sharing and collaboration to communication in real time, will play a large contribution to the success of your client relationships.

By building a digital customer experience strategy that works with and compliments your client success strategies, this is when you’ll find you’re able to build the perfect client relationships that hold trust & transparency. Clinked.com is a high quality and cost effective solution that helps thousands of working professionals manage day to day communications with clients, while keeping a close eye on their health with the ability to track all activity. 

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