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Cloud Collaboration | 1 min read

How to Make the Most of your Client Portal

Whilst using a client portal will most likely make your business processes easier as soon as you adopt it, many businesses are so pleased with the obvious initial benefits that they don't use their software to its full potential.

how to make the most out of your client portal

Customise it

Make sure your client portal is branded. This creates a professional image for your clients, who will take you more seriously. It's also a great way to promote your brand

Get your team and clients involved

Team participation is a huge contributor to the success of your client portal. As a manager, make sure you're leading by example and using the software for what you want to do. If staff are still using email, ignore them or reply through your client portal.
Gamification is also a great way to get your team involved. This is the process of making processes within your tool competitive and game-like and actively encouraging your team to embrace your tool in fun and unconventional ways.

Pick the right tool

Make sure you select a tool that is best for your business needs. Some tools combine various features such as Enterprise Social Networking, Project Management and File/Document management. This is better than having various tools to do each job as it requires more for your employees and clients to get to grips with and decreases your chances of success.

Only use what you need

Make sure your client portal is scalable. Ensure it has the ability to be expanded in size or reduced in size depending on your fluctuating needs. This will mean that you're saving every penny possible on top of the savings your client portal will already be making for you.

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