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Online Client Portal: Top 5 Use Cases

It's a fact: client portals are becoming more and more popular - and for a reason! For businesses like yours that may be new to this technology, it can be challenging to understand all the benefits of a client portal and how it could potentially add value to your day to day work. Do you want to see how an online client portal works realistically? While many organisations choose to use their client portal in a way that suits them and their processes, we have combined in this post the most popular ways that client portals are used and how each different use case can benefit your organisation.

1. If your team often shares heavy files with external stakeholders, you could benefit from an online client portal

Many organisations have endless documents and paperwork which need to be shared and approved by their clients. Online client portals like Clinked have extensive file sharing capabilities, which can be incredibly useful for your team. With the click of a button, users can upload their files from multiple sources into a structured folder system. These functions eradicate the use of the outdated and complicated FTP system.

Our tips: When choosing your online client portal, look for a solution that also features version control and e-signatures which means that a history of all of your work is stored for reference within an organised structure.


2.  Project collaboration is a critical part of your role 

You and your clients may need to be actively collaborating on projects. Perhaps you work in an industry where you require a constant flow of feedback or comments. The ability to download files or preview them within your online client portal makes life significantly easier for you and your clients, especially if you aren't based in the same place and work remotely. This means that flexibility is provided for you and your team and can boost morale.

Our tips: When choosing your online client portal, make sure you can manage accesses and permissions at a document or individual level but also at a folder or account level. This will make your life much easier - and secure!


3.  Remote product delivery is a must-have

Depending on the nature of your business, you can deliver your product or service to your client through your client portal. Using an organised and private online space is much more efficient than email and doesn't risk the same issues of loss in a cluttered inbox.

Our tips: When choosing your online client portal, look for one that offers bank grade security to ensure your files are safe and hidden from unwanted viewers, as data breaches are more and more harmful and costly to businesses around the world.


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4. You're looking to improve task management with an online client portal

Client Portals are popular for the core organisation of your projects. Managing your targets and deadlines is a popular feature of a client portal. With comprehensive tools, you can plan all your individual tasks, assign deadlines and update your progress. This can help to give your client peace of mind due to them being able to see for themselves whether your project is on schedule.

Our tips: when choosing your online client portal, look into its audit and reporting capabilities. Audit trails are especially important to measure engagement and adoption of the platform you've selected, it will also help you trace back user history if you encounter any problem.


5. You need a central location for knowledge repository

The best online client portals allow organisations to establish a database of knowledge which is indexed and searchable for your staff and clients. Because this information is virtualised, it is easy for all stakeholders to find, meaning that they don't have to waste precious time wondering around your office in search of the person with the specific information or document or looking through years of intranet data.

Our tips: when choosing your online client portal, look into customisation features. Your supplier should allow you to put your brand front and centre - not just on the platform, but also when sending communications for example.

Is Clinked online client portal a good fit for your business?

There are as many use cases for online client portals as there are businesses - and our 3000+ clients demonstrate just that. But while every use case is unique, below are some of our most sought after features within Clinked: 

  • - Out of the box, no code platform, that allow you get started in minutes - not weeks
  • - Full range of customisation features that goes beyond just putting your logo on a web page
  • - Cloud based and mobile friendly to allow for on-the-go collaboration.


To help you further in your search, our team has put together a 1-min quiz. Why not take our self assessment today? 

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