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Software Cloud | 3 min read

The Rise Of The Cloud (Cloud Software vs. On Premise)

Private cloud vs on premise software is a debate you may well be having for your business and its needs. Cloud computing has grown in popularity dramatically in recent years, with many new providers appearing on the market, whereas on premise software is a more traditional option for your organization. 

Though the cloud software market is projected to grow substantially over the next few years, individual businesses need to assess what best suits them. Here is our explanation of both types of software, and our comparison of their key features and what you should consider for your own organization.

What is on premise software?

On-premises software is a type of software installed locally. The software runs on the computers of the individual or organisation using the software, rather than from a third-party location. A company’s in-house I.T. department will most likely maintain on-premises software.

Private cloud vs on premise software - what is cloud software?

Third-party vendors host cloud software for individuals and organisations and can be accessed through the Internet. With cloud software, you’ll often find that the third-party vendor maintains the cloud software. Maintenance can include: backups, updates and monitoring.

Private cloud vs on premise software - on premises features

On premise software may be the best option for your business based on the following factors:

  • You require complete control over your data security. This, for example, may be a necessary requirement for organisations that have strict security compliance regulations.
  • You already have the in-house resources and personnel to install, maintain and upgrade your existing IT resources and investments.
  • You have other services and software that will need to be integrated with your new software – there may be limitations on integration with some cloud software providers.

Cloud software features 

Hosting data in the cloud provides you with an alternative option to local hosting - here is why this could be most beneficial to your business:

  • You need a software solution as soon as possible. Typically, cloud software will take less time to implement compared to on-premises software.
  • You don’t have dedicated IT personnel, skills or time to manage your software. Dedicated support is a common feature of cloud software providers, who can advise on how best to utilize the platform.
  • You want to become a more innovative company. Signing up to a cloud based software means you are able to take advantage of the advances more nimble internet based software providers are making. Innovations in the product are easily passed on to your business without any changes being made to your own computers. 
  • You’re looking for a solution that can improve the way your organisation works remotely. Because cloud software is accessible from the Internet, your team and clients will be able to access their documents from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Private cloud solution as an alternative

We have already established the benefits of using a cloud based software provider, but these benefits can be heightened even further through the use of a private cloud option. A  private cloud solution gives you the ability to increase your security beyond public cloud solutions, as well as benefiting from the security as if your software was installed on site. There’s also the ability for you to choose the location of your private cloud servers to ensure optimal performance and speed. Additionally, using a private cloud solution will give you the cost-effective scalability that on-premises will fall short on.

With there now being a cloud solution for every business, for example public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud; on-premises software will become a less popular option for businesses in the years to come. So, with the development of innovative cloud applications like Clinked, on-premises software is becoming out-dated in comparison.

Our final key benefits of cloud software solutions to consider when weighing up the options between private cloud vs on premise:

Benefits of using a Clinked Private Cloud (rather than on-premises software):

  • Flexible security options e.g. multi-factor authentication, IP restrictions etc.
  • Can be deployed to multiple different regions.
  • Fully customised to match your organisation’s branding.
  • No regulatory concerns about your data.

Clinked is a collaboration tool and client portal that can offer flexible options for businesses: public cloud or private cloud, and full white-label customisation options. If you’d like to find out more about Clinked’s cloud software offering, book a demo with us today to see the platform for yourself. 

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