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Three exciting updates to Clinked: Google Docs, Content Autosave and Contact Mass Import
Clinked has now been updated with some new features to make your collaboration easier, safer and more...
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Sign up for Clinked and you could win a Galaxy Nexus 7 tablet
At Clinked we love new gadgets, and we know you do too. That's why, to celebrate the forthcoming release of...
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CamCreative- meet the Clinked Team and hear us speak about collaboration tools
On Wednesday Aug 29, the Clinked team are speaking at the CamCreative meet-up in the Fountain Inn, Cambridge,...
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Organise your files in folders for efficient collaboration
Users of Clinked have for some time asked for ability to store files & documents in subfolders. Therefore, as...
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You can now quickly import your Google Contacts into Clinked
As part of our ongoing integration with Google you can now quickly import your Google Contacts into Clinked,...
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Clinked joins Google Apps Marketplace
From now on, the online collaboration tool Clinked is available on Google Apps Marketplace within the Project...
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Multiple File Uploads
In the advent of the post-email age, the amount of storage space offered by different project management...
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Cutting-Edge New Email Functionality
Project management and collaboration tools are great (I would say that - I work with them), but there are...
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Sailing Trip
The Clinked Team took a week off this month to celebrate the launch our product. Clinked went live as a fully...
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Multilingual collaboration tool
Clinked is more international than ever. This week we welcomed the arrival of 3 new language options. You...
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The Potential Role of Cloud Computing in Traveller Education
Cloud computing is one of the current High Tech 'buzz words' currently in vogue with those claiming to be in...
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The Difficulties of Collaboration
Collaborating with others can be the most challenging, but also one of the most rewarding things to do....

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Press release: Rabbitsoft is now a certified Google Apps reseller
Rabbitsoft, the company behind Clinked, has been designated as an official google Apps Reseller. This follows...
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A Clinked Christmas
Award-winning project management and collaboration software, Clinked, has already sealed a coveted place in...
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Announcing Clinked Public Beta
Out in the wild! Clinked brings together your group’s content, collaboration and conversation in a shared...
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