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New Feature: Copying Tasks Between Groups
Clinked Team
By Clinked Team
on July 1, 2020

Using tasks just got easier in our secure client portal - we're happy to announce that you can now copy 1 task, multiple tasks or a full task category from one group to another.  All Group Administrators and Content Contributors of Clinked groups will now find they are able to copy tasks from...

A Time for Change
Hannah Queree
By Hannah Queree
on June 24, 2020

‘You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view... Until you climb inside of his skin and walk around in it.’

Managing A Client Portal: Power of Tasks
Clinked Team
By Clinked Team
on June 17, 2020

Check, Check ✅✅ The satisfaction of checking a task off a list can be such a gratifying moment. For many, it is a solo and often physical pen to paper experience - but, it could be incorporated into workflows to turn our individual actions into more, especially now with the reality of remote...

New Feature: Adding Connected Members
Clinked Team
By Clinked Team
on June 10, 2020

Our secure client portal continues to get better - we're happy to announce that our Group Administrator capabilities has just become more secure. All Group Administrators of Clinked groups will now find they are able to add members they are connected with from other groups providing an added...

Community Initiatives: Clinked Global Offer
Clinked Team
By Clinked Team
on June 4, 2020


At Clinked, we focus on building human relationships.

Managing A Client Portal: Members & Permissions
Clinked Team
By Clinked Team
on June 3, 2020

A client portal allows a company to interact with clients in a branded secure web portal & mobile app to easily interact in real-time. These real-time interactions are dependent on two key foundation components: Members & Permissions. 

How to: Data Visualizations
Clinked Team
By Clinked Team
on May 27, 2020

Data visualization has become a hot topic across industries. This is the same within our Clinked client base. We've been exploring the integration of data visualization systems and BI tools with our clients. They've flagged an increased need to provide real-time data access in an easy to digest...

Working with Clients Remotely
Sarah Broderick
By Sarah Broderick
on May 20, 2020

We specialise in helping our clients work with their clients - whether they are partners, individuals or organisations - using technology. In today’s climate, this relationship is a focus for many of our clients and prospects particularly in those industries where face-to-face meetings are...

How to Meet Clients’ “New Normal”
Clinked Team
By Clinked Team
on May 13, 2020

Due to COVID-19, we have seen many things in our lives change - particularly our work practices and etiquette with clients. We at Clinked have been discussing these changes with our clients and are here to share our best practices of meeting clients "new normal”.

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