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What are online workspaces?

Imagine that you are working within a growing business, where departments are expanding and new team members are being on-boarded every day. New offices are being opened, maybe even worldwide, and a handful of employees are even choosing to work remotely.

Whilst these are all signs of a business that is doing well, it’s apparent that the business will now be struggling to streamline processes across a more segmented structure.

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How will an online workspace help my business?

The description of an online workspace is exactly as the name suggests – it is a centralized environment, which can be found through the Internet, to be used by groups of users that need access to the same content.

By moving your files and communication to a secure online workspaces, departments and teams will be able to access information easily and instantly and significantly improve their collaboration.

Your business will see improvements in performance after introducing online workspaces to employees; whether you work in the accounting industry, education, media or another. Overall, projects will be more manageable, communication will be easier, and information sharing will be much more efficient.


What are the key features of an online workspace?

Let’s take a look at more features that online workspaces can offer businesses and how to make best use out of them.


Real-time activity streams: View the latest updates from members of your workspaces. You can easily see who has made a change, what content it applies to, when it was changed and where the change is located. For instance, see when a team member has uploaded the latest version of a report, or when another has added an event to the calendar.


Document management: Your online workspace will be the place for getting documentation approved and signed off quickly and efficiently. Keep feedback and updates transparent between team members, lock files whilst changes are being made, and always have access to the latest version of a document.


Collaboration and communication: When an entire department has access to an online workspace, team members will be able to share ideas, information and updates with each other – instantly and from anywhere, at any time. You can share the latest announcements, contribute to group discussions and keep everyone up to date on the latest project progress.


Project and event management: Plan out your departments’ tasks and events from within your online workspaces, keeping everyone in the loop. Projects can be assigned to individual or multiple members, progress can be updated as it’s made and deadlines can be set. Events can be created, team members can be invited and reminders can be made.


Secure access permissions: Online workspaces are extremely secure, with many solutions offering a minimum of bank-grade security/SSL encryption for content access, with additional measures including two-factor authentication, complex passwords, automatic sign-out and more, depending on your requirements.


And once you have your online workspaces, you’ll want to know how you can make the best use out of them. So, in order to do this, it’s worth remembering these five useful best practices.


  1. Ensure users have a clear understanding on what the platform is for, how to access it and how to contribute to their own workspaces.
  2. Check that the relevant permissions are put in place in order to control user access and increase the security of your platform.
  3. Integrate your workspaces with the tools that you’re already using, such as Google apps or your email.
  4. Remember to regularly upload content within your workspaces, to keep other users aware of the latest progress within a department or group.
  5. Create dedicated workspaces for external users as well as internal ones; such as clients, partners and anyone else from outside the company who you feel would benefit.


So, what are you waiting for? It's time to get started and set up your own online workspaces today!


Clinked provides secure and customized communication, collaboration and information sharing online workspaces. Get started today.


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