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Remote working in the cloud

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Working remotely is an issue which a multitude of businesses are tackling every day. Many of these organisations are beginning to realise the benefits of adopting Cloud Collaboration software to improve the way they work. For remote working to be effective within a business, it has to be managed correctly and this is what Cloud Collaboration can help you enact.

remote working in the cloud

File sharing

File sharing has been commonly known about for years and has been popular for individuals. Refining this concept for businesses has uncovered a priceless tool for many. Virtualising your business allows employees working remotely to share documents and collaborate instantly from any worldwide location with an internet connection. Your company will quickly adopt a culture where Cloud Collaboration will be the place to store all of your files, rendering network storage and even your personal hard drive obsolete.

Online discussions

Use instant messaging to ensure that your staff stay connected. This means you can hold meetings or chats with individuals online. Benefits such as this can help improve punctuality to meetings because your staff don't have to travel to meet. Additionally meeting online can save costs and increase...

Employee Satisfaction

Cloud collaboration and remote working can help to attract and retain staff. Employees feel more trusted and comfortable working and this can also reflect in productivity increases. The social elements of collaboration tools can furthermore help new and existing staff to feel more supported and involved within your business collective.

Employee Accountability

Cloud collaboration is a huge step to implementing a positive accountability culture within your organisation. Ensure your workforce are completing their assigned tasks by monitoring their progress in a less invasive and intimidating way. This is of enormous importance of any business process but it seems to be more important whilst working remotely. Managers can view detailed visualisations of their employees contributions whilst managing your projects more effectively.

The beauty of Cloud Collaboration is that everything is instant. Collectively, cloud collaboration can save your company time and money whilst increasing flexibility and freedom. Virtualising your office is current and effective. It opens up to your company to your employees and clients worldwide and is a fundamental for remote working.

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