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Accountants, Did You Know?
Anna Sayers
By Anna Sayers
on October 3, 2019

Did you know that you could be putting yourself, and your clients, at risk just by emailing a contract, invoice or receipt?

Data Security: How to Ensure Client Data is Secure
Anna Sayers
By Anna Sayers
on August 9, 2019

Data security is a topic that we’ve all heard a lot over the past couple of years with the impact of GDPR that came into force May 2018. Despite all of the talk, there are still many companies, big and small, that are not compliant with the new laws. Many may face the consequences of hefty fines...

What is a Client Portal?
Sarah Broderick
By Sarah Broderick
on August 29, 2019

So we've heard of a client portal, but what exactly is it & how can my business use one? 

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