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Infographic: 5 Benefits Of Customer Portal Software
There are many benefits of using customer portal software for your business. From secure file sharing with...
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5 Tips To Grow Your Business With A Digital Client Experience
Continual growth can be one of the hardest components for businesses. Yes, it starts with strong marketing...
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Stepping into the Cloud... Fact vs. Fiction of using Cloud Computing for business [Infographic]
Cloud computing allows for businesses to store, share and access data from across the Internet, within a...
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How Does Santa Use His Client Portal? [Infographic]
This year Santa wanted to step up on his organisation and productivity, so he bought himself a client...
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8 Day-To-Day Mobile Apps For Businesses
Mobile phones are an integral part of modern daily life, in both our business and personal lives. In today’s...
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Business File Sharing Online = A Paper-Free Future?
Will online business file sharing solutions lead to paper-free offices? To celebrate World Paper Free Day...
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Infographic: How To Be A Productive Project Manager (Using A Customer Portal)
Using a customer portal can make you a more productive project manager when used efficiently. Here’s an...
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Infographic: The Top 5 Use Cases For Client Portals
So you want to see how client portals work realistically for businesses day-to-day? ...
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Infographic: How To Improve Client Relations
Improving client relations should be a top priority for all business owners. Research shows that almost 80%...
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6 Ways You Can Be A Better Employee
As a full time employee, you spend a significant amount of your time working. Around 40 hours a week, in...
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Leading Change Management
In order to improve your business, change management has to be at the core of your strategy. In a business...

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Most important recent developments in the accounting industry
Over the last year, accounting businesses worldwide saw a continued shift towards digitalization and...
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Clinked in your community
Following the commercial release of Clinked at the beginning of December 2011, we have worked hard to bring...
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Cloud-covered collaboration or nebular nonsense?
These days, it seems as if everything in the business arena is about trying to get more for less. In an age...

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