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Client portals: Why my organisation should have one?


Many businesses around the world are already using client portals to connect with their business contributors. Organisations are using these tools to work with their accountants, investors, customers and clients and they're realising the benefits that client portals can provide.

Already in use are the likes of FTP, email and other file uploading programs; these unfortunately do not have the capabilities to plan and manage your work nor are they unified together. They've been around for years and are now outdated and obsolete.


White Labelling

Create a branded online environment for your clients. Some client portals allow you to add your own logo and modify your colour schemes within your software, to make it completely your own. This creates a professional, private environment which is a massive benefit to your business and your clients. This can help boost your clients' confidence in your organisation, whilst boosting your brand.


Client groups

Within client portals, you can create individual groups for each of your clients. Much of your project's work can be undertaken, shared and planned within the tool. You can invite various members of your team into your groups in order for them to work on the project collaboratively and keep up to date with the project's progress. This is done by managing your events, tasks, files discussions and wiki pages all from your online environment.


Communication & Feedback

Capabilities to host online discussions, allowing universal threaded comments and work approvals mean that it is much quicker for your client to provide feedback. They can also provide this feedback whilst your work is in progress. Now, instead of completing a project and going back to perfect it for the customer, you can be alerted of any problems, mistakes or issues as and when they begin to happen, rather than realising major problems when the project has been completed. Benefits such as these mean that your organisation will find it easier to stick to its schedules and keep within deadlines.



Because your client portal is in the cloud, you and your clients can access it anywhere with an internet connection. This means it's easier to interact with clients that are based abroad. Teams can simply upload their work into a secure environment where your client can access it. Client portals also break the limitations of email by allowing users to upload bigger file sizes than emails usually allow.


Version control

Some client portals have the functionality to store and control the versions of your work through a single file stream. When you upload an updated version of your file, it simply updates it, keeping the old version intact for future reference. This helps to keep your client portal organised and allows employees to refer back to previous versions of work.


Unlike FTP, client portals introduce a level of management to your files. With the extra tools they largely provide, your business can save money by working virtually and more efficiently. Client portals can really help you to serve your clients well. With clients being happier about your excellent customer service, it can boost your reputation and help your business to grow.


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