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Top Ten Essential Practices for a More Successful Business

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Everyone wants their business to be more successful and aside from excellent business acumen and entrepreneurial flare there are ways to give your business a boost. We're here today to give you these top ten key secrets.

top ten essential practices for a more successful business

Access to the most up-to-date information

Maintaining a strong communication network will keep your team fully informed at all times. This is essential for smooth business operations and effective team cohesion and collaboration. Sharing the latest information creates a level playing field and using tools such as an audit trail will allow complete transparency with you and your employees whilst introducing a new level of accountability and responsibility for everyone.


Treating your staff like a disposable resource could be damaging your business. Keeping your staff involved is one of the best ways to make your team feel valued. This will promote loyalty within your firm and your team will be more motivated and generate more creative ideas, whilst contributing more openly to your projects. A two-way feedback channel is essential to ensure this.

Superior Task management

Task management is another element of your organisation that needs to be efficient. Delegating and sharing your workload in an effective way means that your projects will be completed with less obstacles and setbacks and will be completed on time.

Secure information sharing

Safe storage and security has always been essential for business success. Whilst your data needs to be easily accessible, ensure that you are sharing your work on a system that is encrypted for confidentiality. Cloud storage is much safer than in-house servers due to better backup procedure, and is also able to be shared internationally.

Client engagement

In a client-facing environment, the way you engage with your clients can make or break your relationship with them. Keeping your clients up to date will instil trust and regular feedback will help to keep projects on track and ensure that they are completed to their expectations.


Whilst leadership and management are linked, a leader should encourage innovation, originality and development. Inspiring your staff rather than dictation will liberate your team and enable them to harness creativity and collaboration. Leaders should put a strong focus on people rather than systems and structures. This requires a flexible method of working.

Quality control

Keeping on top of your work records will contribute towards the success of your business and having full version control is a huge part of it. Storing previous versions of your work, with easy accessibility will construct a better collaborative way of working. There'll be no more desperate attempts to try and restore a copy of your work where a colleague accidentally deleted a crucial paragraph. It will be there ready and waiting, eradicating any delays within your project.

Staff motivation

Ensure that your staff have the right tools to do their job and that they're able to access the right information within an open structure, joint and individual responsibility for projects, ongoing communication, minimal mistakes or arguments due to blame or missed deadlines.

Ongoing Professional development

Processes such as 360 appraisals help everyone to improve the way they work, but what exactly are they? This is the idea that you create a feedback network  which is open to your seniors as well as your subordinates and peers. This will ensure that you know whether you're doing your job as well as you can whilst making your team feel empowered.


Your team need to be Brand advocates, and to do this you must ensure your team feel as though they are valued. Once they buy-in to your brand, happy clients and staff will recommend the business. They'll also feel part of a collective and that they're contributing to bigger business goals.

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