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New Feature: Advanced Custom Widgets

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To continue on with our announcement in January of configurable widgets on group dashboards, we're back with more - an expanded set of advanced custom widgets is now live! 

The group home page is a key location where groups members start their engagement. From seeing a home note to key announcements, this space has been the gathering place to set context for our clients and their group members. Now Clinked offers an expanded set of widgets to display specific content to the group. 

In addition to the welcome note - which can be text based, video based or visualizations of data from other systems such as QuickBooks or Tableau - you can now choose from these new widgets  to display a specific note, task category set,  discussion board and folder based upon the needs of each group. For those who say customization is your jam (or client ask), we hope you take hold of this newly expanded feature! 

Curious on how to do this? If you're a Clinked account administrator or group administrator, follow the below guides to get your group customizations underway. 


How to customise group dashboard widgets


As a reminder on where to start, navigate to your group home page and select the button Edit Widgets.

This enables the ability to move the widgets already on the screen into your preferred order as well as remove any widget by selecting the X icon on the widget or configure the new widgets available allowing you to display a specific note, discussion, folder or task category. 


This also enables the +Add Widget. If you select the drop-down menu next to +Add Widget, you can then edit the layout of your dashboard by choosing from the different display options. This determines how many columns you will have, and the size of each column to setup custom layout.
Click on the +Add Widget to see the selection of widgets available. We've changed this view's functionality to give the option to enable any widget you want to display by clicking on the green + box next to it.

Screenshot 2020-03-11 at 12.05.01

Once you've selected the widget you want, you'll use be navigated to the dashboard to make the magic happen! As in the past, you can move or remove the added widget on the screen. The nifty option now is to configure - the new widgets available allow you to configure these widgets to display a specific note, discussion, folder or task category. Upon selecting configure, use the drop down menu to choose the specific item you want to display. Below is an example of a task category selection bar.
Screenshot 2020-03-11 at 12.03.48
The widget will display that specific item in the dashboard for all your members to see. Below is an example of the task category widget
Screenshot 2020-03-11 at 12.04.42
Bonus: you can add as many of these specific items widgets as you'd like on your dashboard!

Which users are able to customise widgets?

  • Super admins of the whole portal can edit widgets on the dashboard and group homepages
  • Group admins can edit widgets on the group homepage


Are the edits viewable to everyone or individual to me?


Any adjustments made to the widgets on dashboards and group home pages will be displayed to all members who have access to the dashboard or group.


We hope this new feature helps you deliver more with the home page of each group so group members see what they need at a flash on the dashboard thanks to these configurable widgets

Are you a Clinked user and have a cool ideas for new features?! Great, we’d love to hear it! Visit our public roadmap to submit and follow feature requests

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