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Box vs. Dropbox

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Box vs. Dropbox: Choosing the right cloud storage platform depends on your specific needs, as each offers unique features and advantages tailored towards different use-cases.

Dropbox and Box are both cloud-based storage companies created by business entrepreneurs and MIT graduates. Dropbox has been operational for over fifteen years and has hundreds of millions of users throughout the world. Both platforms offer many features, including backing up information, collaborating with work associates, and the creation of shared folders.

Box has a similar business model to Dropbox but has some innovative attributes, including robust security features and integrations with thousands of applications.

Is Box as Good as Dropbox?

So, we have determined that Box and Dropbox are similar businesses going from strength to strength, but which is the superior service?


  • Box offers registered users over ten GB of free storage.
  • Box can integrate with over 1000 companies like Microsoft and Salesforce.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • It is excellent at sharing large files, and the person you send it to does not need a Box account to view the file.
  • Box two additional paid subscription plans with additional storage and innovative features such as real-time editing.
  • It has excellent security with two-factor authentication and file encryption.
  • It has a paid subscription plan with unlimited storage, perfect for business applications.
  • It is limited to desktop users. So, to access Box on your phone, you must use their mobile website.


  • Dropbox is incredibly easy to use, with a simple interface.
  • Its upload speeds are rapid and receptive due to its LAN system.
  • Its subscription plans are affordable for both individuals and businesses.
  • It has excellent security with two-factor authentication and file encryption.
  • It has a smaller number of application integrations than Box.
  • It has excellent customer service.
  • It only offers 2 GB of free storage, which is smaller than Box.
  • Dropbox is not as affordable as Box.
  • Users can only use DropBox on a limited amount of devices.

While Box has better features and is more affordable overall, Dropbox is straightforward to use and comes with world-class customer service. Depending on what you are looking for, both are excellent services.

Is Box Safer than Dropbox?

Both companies have a similar approach to security. Neither Box nor Dropbox focuses too heavily on the security aspects of their services. They offer an SSL/TLS layer that protects your data when it is being moved to and from the cloud. It uses AES-256 file encryption once your data is within its network. For an extra security layer, it uses two-factor authentication.

A significant disadvantage of Dropbox is that when you are uploading files or information to the cloud-based storage system, it does not scan for viruses before they begin to upload. This means users could accidentally upload a file with a virus and then download it to their computer without knowing.

Another big disadvantage of using Dropbox instead of Box is that it does not offer any private key management; Box, on the other hand, contains many advanced security features. It provides three different security features: KeySafe, Zones, and Shield. KeySafe lets users manage their encryption keys. Zone helps with data residency, and Shield protects your data against external threats.

Box really puts an emphasis on security, even more than other competitors like Google Drive. While Google Drive users have the option to password-protect every file stored within it, Box is excellent at protecting files shared with other Box users.

Are Box and Dropbox Owned by the Same Company?

While they are both American cloud-based storage businesses, they are not owned by the same company or any technology conglomerate. Aaron Levie and Dylan Smith own Box, while Dropbox is owned by Drew Houston, Arash Ferdowsi, and seed accelerator Y Combinator.

They are two competitors in the same business sector, with Box having 64.5 million users worldwide and Dropbox having 700 million registered users. Amazon has also released its own cloud storage system called Amazon A3.

Dropbox is a more easily operated system and is excellent at organizing photos, while Box has better features such as e-signatures. They are both great companies, but they are not connected.

Box has also been associated with Microsoft SharePoint. They are similar business models but have different additional features, which makes them better for different users. Box is better for content, while SharePoint is better for collaboration.

Is Dropbox Now Called Box?

Dropbox and Box are entirely separate entities. DropBox primarily launched with individual customers as the target audience, while Box focused more on businesses, which is why they have better security and business plans than DropBox.

Dropbox and Box are public clouds in which resources are utilized by a third-party provider, such as the Internet.

Both Dropbox and Box have different positive attributes. If you are looking for a free service to back-up precious photos and memories, then Box has the most considerable amount of free storage. If you are a technophobe that wants a user-friendly place to store your personal documents, then Dropbox is the company for you. Box has a great security system for businesses, which is vital to every business with a digital footprint. Overall, both companies provide excellent service and will keep your sensitive information safe and secure. 

Looking for a safe file storage solution?

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