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Business Management Software: Top 25 in 2022

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Whether you are running an enterprise or a small start-up, it is not good to be handling too many things at the one time. This is why professional business management programs exist, in order to help businesses and their employees get through daily operations as smoothly as possible.

As businesses have some specific needs, dedicated business management tools must be present and available. It is very important to understand how these tools work and will serve the business as if they fail, they could be a deal breaker for the firm. Make sure to have a detailed list of the requirements for the business and list them in descending order of importance.

As this is an important software for any business to have, there are a multitude of options available on the market. In order to navigate this market successfully and end up purchasing a program that will meet the needs for the business, we have put together a list of the best options and the purposes they fulfil. We hope the following 25 options for business management software will help you with your choice!


The Clinked client management platform is the perfect solution for any size of business. Files and folders are easily shared through the easy-to-use client portal, and the platform itself gives a multitude of collaboration functionalities and tools. In particular, it features a project management tool that allows the user to significantly streamline their workflow for guaranteed improved productivity. This type of client management system also ensures direct and efficient communication between the firm and customers.

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nTask is a project management tool that comes with a wide array of features in order to help specifically with project management. Multi-dimension solutions and powerful native modules make completing any project much simpler. nTask is one platform that offers planning, collaboration, and monitoring of the performance of projects without having to use multiple programs. Users also receive a holistic view of a project's lifecycle in order to see what lies ahead.


Team collaboration is at home on Slack. Whether the business is well-established or just starting out, information leaks are a very real thing and must be stopped at all costs. Miscommunication and loss of information are a thing of the past when you use Slack. Critical file sharing, onboarding of new employees, simple exchanging of messages, and planning the next office meeting are all possible through Slack. Team communication is also vastly improved as it has different channels for multiple teams to communicate through. 


One of the most popular tools out there for managing accounting and invoicing is FreshBooks. It is a small program that is well-know for its proficiency in financial management, and it achieves this by having a full suit of accounting features. Time-tracking, tracking expenses, and creating invoices are all completed through FreshBooks, and it also has tools for project management for efficiently and effectively handling any activities that may be related to projects. Team chat, centralized file location and project assignment are just some of the project management features it includes.


Productivity and team collaboration are what Chanty is geared towards. It allows the user to constantly stay in touch with their team through one-on-one, private, public, and group messages and conversations. Tasks, links, files, and messages are all kept in one location. Video conferencing and audio calling are also possible with screen sharing, and it has a built-in task manager with the Kanban Board. Businesses can utilize this to make tasks from messages, and then assign the task, all in the one program.


The vast majority of people know what Gmail is, and email is often overlooked as one of the most critical parts of a well-managed business. Powered by Google, it is an extremely easy-to-use program, that comes with a lot of free features. This makes Gmail the "go-to" option for a lot of small businesses and freelancers, along with larger enterprises. It has a powerful spam filter, and can organize email into many categories and types, including social, primary, promotions, and some others.


Bitrix24 combines an efficient Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software with a task management tool to create a unified platform that offers team collaboration, documents management, task management, and CRM. It features basic client management and automation of marketing capabilities in its free version that generally caters to smaller businesses. If you opt for the paid option, you will unlock more robust CRM features, and integration with your favorite email marketing software.


Behind every great business is a great storage provider that is able to meet their needs. Okay, we just made that up but every business needs safe file storage and collaboration for all of their sensitive information. So why not go for one of the biggest names in the storage game, DropBox. It is very easy to set up, has a lot of tools that are built-in to streamline business workflows and keeps all information in one place. This information is available to be accessed instantly from anywhere and on any device.


Business operations depend on a great customer support system, and that is where Intercom comes in. It is a customer support tool that includes Artificial Intelligence (AI) and user insights, which allows the business to automate customer profiles and segmentation. The firm can track and manage customer requests through Intercom, where it provides features like a live chat, targeted personal messages, among other tools. Keeping customers happy is essential for a successful business.


HR departments love to use BambooHR because of the business management features along with the tools that it provides for HR. Head hunters especially love this program as it can manage the business' "assets" with performance metrics, employee onboarding, most recent peer reviews, and more. It manages employee profiles with a centralized, updated in real-time, cloud database. All information that pertains to the employees of the business is now accessible with a click, gone are the days of sorting through papers in a cupboard.


Pipedrive has won many awards for the quality of CRM products it provides. The extensive list of features that Pipedrive possesses can be described as having a "narrow-to-wide" scope, however in just a few words it can be described as a very responsive and efficient sales management system. Setting up an account takes just a couple of minutes, all of the specific project sales requirements that a business may need can be entered as needed. It also integrates with Google Calendars for handy reminders of upcoming events.


Inflow is targeted towards inventory managers who need a quick response tool that can retrieve and store information regarding their warehouse on the go. There are many complications around inventory management, especially as a business grows, and that is why it is so important to have a system like Inflow in place. the less resources and management that has to be dealt with, the better. This comes as a desktop program, and it backed up onto a hard drive for safety.

Nintex Promapp

Nintex Promapp is a program that is targeted towards improving the business process management of a company. It allows the firm to create simple visual tools using documents, complex process maps, and Visio charts. This will make it quite easy for a team to track any changes in the process. Nintex Promapp can be used within any industry or size of business, and allows team to communicate and collaborate with each other though it's dashboard. This business management solution covers a wide range of tasks, from document management to workflow automation.


You may have heard of a Gantt chart before, well this business management software is an updated version of the handy chart. Any number of resources can be added to task, and the details regarding about these resources can be viewed using filters in the program. Tasks can be allocated to fit the capacity of the business, to avoid any burnout and keep the company running as smoothly as possible. This is entered on an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface that allows any necessary changes to be made quickly and easily.


If you are looking for a business management software that integrates sales automation and marketing, then HubSpot could be for you. It includes a number of tools to cater to every marketing need, and it can also manage any leads and traffic that the business is experiencing. One of the key aims of HubSpot is to speed up sales management, and links every interaction with customers down to the most minute details. It can track emails, prospect profiles, and sequence emails, while giving the business a platform that can automate repetitive tasks.

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ProductPlan is geared towards managing and developing a project or product map. Project managers love to use this tool to create a visual roadmap that all projects will follow. Software testing, product development, all the way to the completion of the project can be handled with this roadmapping tool. Projects can be managed from start to finish, and collaboration with the team on the roadmap is also promoted. The interface is easy to use with a drag-and-drop interface, and the roadmap is color coded for various milestones.

ProProfs Chat

This customer support software is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses create and maintain great relationships with their clients. Support teams will connect faster than ever using ProProfs Chat, connecting with visitors in real-time and utilizing chat greetings and visitor monitoring. Its detailed reports section can also help the support team capture and utilize insights to solve problems faster and prevent future issues. 


Scoro is a one-stop-shop for business management software, that helps streamline a business' workflow by having everything in one program. Team results and progress can be monitored from within the software, presented by dashboards and reports. Team collaboration is promoted through the digital workspace, using detailed metrics and KPIs to help both the managers and team members make decisions based on data. Project management, CRM, financial summaries and much more are all available within Scoro.


Managing documents is a key part of keeping a business running smoothly. Organizing, managing, and storing documents is critical as they are the primary source of information for the business. These documents can often contain sensitive and confidential information that must be kept securely. Papertracer is an efficient solution for document management. It has many tools and features that allow it to manage documents and keep them organized so they are available all the time at a moments notice.

Microsoft SQL Server

In these modern times, there is tons of data being produced every second. The size of this data goes into the millions of bytes and beyond, and businesses must be able to handle and manage it.Microsoft SQL Server is efficient at managing data and keeping it secure and organized. This advanced tool will streamline a business' operations and workflow, by analyzing all types of data, and integrating seamlessly with third-party applications.


The world has gone through a major shift toward remote working, and this has made keeping up with colleagues a little more difficult. Collaboration and communication can be solved through different tools, however sharing ideas proves to be a little more challenging. Chatting through messaging can be used, but it really doesn't have the visuals that are required to get an idea across entirely. Miro is an online collaborative platform that allows different members in their teams to go through ideas on a whiteboard


PrrofHub is an all-in-one business management software that lets businesses organize everything in one centralized location. Team members can visualize their workload without any clutter and work through their day with more productivity. Several applications are not needed to take care of collaboration, sharing updates, managing tasks/assignments, this. can all be done through ProofHub. Tasks can then be assigned to team members, their progress can be tracked, and updates can be requested at any time.


Flodesk is an email marketing service that is geared toward smaller businesses. It is design focused, and enables companies to create stunning emails and showcase the company in its best light. Automation of lead magnet delivery, welcome sequences and much more are available with Flodesk.


StudioCloud is a company management system and business management platform all in one. It contains all of the necessary tools to allow the business to be managed from anywhere. Streamline your business with StudioCloud and create a more effective product or service for your customers. 


Where the business spends time is a vital metric for billing. Timely focuses on simplifying tie tracking to a point where it barely has to be thought about. It records everything that a team works on automatically, and in turn reduces the amount of time spent managing invoicing and reporting.

So, what do you think of these options for the top business management software out there for 2022? nDo you use any of the options listed above or are you hoping to purchase and deploy one of them soon? Clinked would love to hear your plans and thoughts in the comments below!

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