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Clinked for Accountancy Professionals

Client Portal Accounting

For accountants looking to increase efficiency and provide a superior client service, a client portal can prove to be a labour-saving and highly secure way to receive,  share and manage the sensitive information that is par for the course for accounting professionals.

Additionally, accountancy professionals using client portal services like Clinked, can benefit from secure instant messaging, audit trails, task management and completely integrated and entirely searchable information platforms.

Possibly the most compelling aspect of the 'Clinked' client portal is that accountancy firms and their clients are able to use a self-branded native app for anywhere access.

The ability to brand Clinked as your own doesn't end at the app. Every element of the Clinked platform is white label, meaning that your accountancy firms brand will appear throughout the platform, from the URL in the domain address bar, through to logo placement, colours and everything in-between. A Clinked client portal is essentially, your firms client portal.

And the great news is, that Clinked has done all of the hard work up front. When you adopt the Clinked client portal you of course have the option to tailor it to your specific needs in terms of functionality, workflow, branding etc... but depending on the complexity of the bespoke elements you'd like to incorporate, your new client portal could be up and running in one week.

If you'd like to find out more about how Clinked can help increase your workflow efficiency, boost your data sharing and management security and drive increased client satisfaction book a demo with the friendly team at clinked today by visiting clinked.com/demo


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