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A Clinked Christmas

Project Management Cloud Collaboration

Award-winning project management and collaboration software, Clinked, has already sealed a coveted place in the Red Herring 100 thanks to its innovative and user-friendly offering. On the cusp of its commercial release, Clinked's value proposition is one articulated in terms of usability, comprehensive editing facilities and an extremely competitive price.

It would seem quite reasonable to ask exactly what it is that Clinked provides above and beyond its competition – with such big-name rivals as Microsoft, what exactly is it that Clinked brings to the table to differentiate itself? This is clearly the challenge faced by any new market entrant – provide something brand new, improve something that already exists, offer a cheaper alternative or be quickly strangled by the industry. At Rabbitsoft, the developers of Clinked, we feel that Clinked provides a well-balanced blend between innovative features and affordable price. Its main USP is the level of wiki integration into the product – while this technology is, itself, not exactly new, Clinked's approach is one that allows more complete real-time editing facilities in a collaborative format and at a price that will prove extremely hard to beat.

Let's look at the specifics. A comparison between Clinked and one of its major competitors, for example, yields an interesting match-up in the arenas of price and quality. A detailed probe of the customer review base of the competitor's project management and collaboration software suffices to show that clients, while generally satisfied with the range of apps offered and document formats supported, are less than happy with their lack of features and complex, 'add-on' style pricing system. For this firm's basic package, an initially attractive advertised price of $20 per month quickly becomes $80 per month if the customer wants wikis, chat rooms and a bug tracker. Clinked's advertised price for its equivalent package is £24 per month; at first sight more expensive than what the competitor advertises, it doesn't require much more research to discover that this price includes as standard all the features that the competing firm prices as add-ons, equating to a saving of some $50 per month on the competing package. So, Clinked appears to emerge victorious on value as wiki capabilities and a superior range of features are offered within the stated bundle price.

What's more, Clinked's social offering adds something a little bit extra to the standard professional, project management packages. The main uses of our collaborative software revolve around corporate intranet and client extranet facilities, as well as our fundamental project management offering. At Clinked, we feel that the term 'project' can be a very restrictive term; projects are finite, whereas relationships (internally within teams and externally with clients) should carry on growing and developing reciprocally. For this reason, while many of our competitors have chosen to base their offering on 'projects', we have taken an approach revolving more around the concept of a 'group' – interrelated, cooperative rapports built to be maintained and not broken down.

We're getting excited about our imminent commercial release – so should you be. We're so excited that we've, just this once, decided to declare Christmas early – sign up for any paid version of the Clinked product from now until the end of the year and get the rest of 2011 for free. Zip. Nada. Put your business into 2012 early and see for yourself how Clinked can help unlock the potential of your team.

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