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Our Free packages just got greater storage space, more private groups and unlimited members.


If you're a current user of Clinked's Free package, or are simply looking for a collaboration hub where you can share content and host discussions in an organised, central space, then read on - this is something you need to see...

We have just made some key changes to our Free package offering, primarily affecting permitted user numbers and storage space. Previously, a maximum of 5 people could collaborate within 1 private group, and share 100MB per person. Now, we've beefed up our Free package option significantly:

- Unlimited members in your Private groups: Share content and collaborate with any team member or external resources without worrying about member quotas.

- 2GB storage space: Each member can upload 2GB of content of any file formats. Standard file formats (such as MS Office documents, PDFs and 95% of video formats) can be instantly viewed without prior downloading.

- 3 Private groups: Now it's easier than ever to collaborate with relevant stakeholders within dedicated project groups. Every person can create 3 Private groups on his/her own.

Why is Clinked enhancing its Free Package offering?

Valid question. After all, Clinked.com already offers a variety of different paid packages to suit every organisation from the small team to the large corporate, with collaboration ranging from team-based internal interactions all the way up to the multi-client, multi-national organisation. Similarily, large competitors in the online collaboration market charge up to £30/month (per user) for similar features.

As Clinked.com CEO and Founder, Tayfun Bilsel, explains, "People and organisations are becoming increasingly reliant on larger, more dispersed networks to become more streamlined and increase working efficiency. While people previously relied heavily on email and traditional 'strictly filesharing' tools to help achieve this, they have now realised that this method locked key information in small pockets, often out of reach of the people that most needed it. Clinked.com is, by definition, a social collaboration tool for teams and enterprises, meaning that users everywhere are connected on the one platform, creating a place where content can be created and shared by anyone with relevant permissions. Using cloud technologies to achieve this means that anyone, anywhere in the world, can contribute as if the whole team were in the same place. They have access to exactly what they need - nothing more, nothing less. We've got clients ranging from a small Cambridge-based archtecture firm to one of the world's leading global law firms on our books, and they're all harnessing Clinked for the same exciting purpose - time and cost savings and productivity increases through cloud-based collaboration".

With Clinked.com's unlimited free offering, non-paying users can view or download files and comment in-line on documents, files, tasks and discussions. The fact that this can now be achieved at no cost to the firm means that new users can be integrated into paid accounts at absolutely no extra charge, further empowering everyone who needs to collaborate in any team. If you look beyond this and factor in the dedicated email and telephone support (in 10 languages), impressive uptime guarantees and upcoming full iOS and Android mobile App capabilities, all for absolutely free, the benefits of using Clinked.com become all the more obvious.

Sign up to the Clinked Free package and bring the ultimate in free social collaboration for businesses to your team. No time limit - try us for as long as you want... or contact us if you want to discuss your specific requirements.

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