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Customise your Clinked groups

Social Media Team Collaboration

You may already know that team collaboration on Clinked takes place in user specified groups. Depending on your chosen package, you have access to a defined number of Private groups, which ensures you can store content and invite members which are specifically relevant for this group only. This means that you can easily be member of 10-20+ groups, and then it can be handy to have ability to sort the groups per your preference.

Sort your Clinked team groups

The list of groups you are member of are listed in alphabetical order on your Clinked dash board page. You can switch the order by a simple drop-and-drag the groups to your liking.

A more discrete but possibly more important enhancement of Clinked was also included in our product release. Do you want a more snappy web address for your Clinked groups? Well, you can now.

Customisable URL for your Clinked groups

When you create a group on Clinked, you have traditionally been given a URL based on the name you set for the group, without any option to have it altered. From now on, this forced connection is no longer unchangeable.

So, if you want to call your group "The Website redesign & migration Project", it is easy to rename the URL to "Clinked.com/go" if you want a short URL instead of the defaulted suggestion "Clinked.com/the_website_redesign__migration_project".

As a sideline, this release has also dealt with the problem of "Group Name already exists", which would be an unwelcome message when you create a new group.

If a Group name is already used, the suggested URL will add your username, making sure only you alone can cause an exact URL duplication (and if that happens, a number will be added after your group name, eg. Clinked.com/smith_test_2).

Hopefully this makes your team collaboration on Clinked even more easy than before! Share your feedback in the comments section.

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