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More seamless project collaboration software with Clinked's new look

News and Announcements

Having spent a big part of the spring working on ways of making our collaborative features even more easy-to-use, we want to draw your attention to some little (but very significant) aesthetic mods we've put in place on Clinked. Fonts have been improved, taskbars have been emboldened and made larger and clearer, and the whole lot's been nicely colour-coded to make everything flow just that bit more smoothly.

Here's a summary of, well, everything:

- Improvements to clarity and ease-of-use of UI
- Improvements to font clarity
- More seamless switching from page to page
- Easier to navigate content landing pages (everything from Pages to Tasks)
- Bigger, more colourful navigation buttons (and who wouldn't want those?!)

Go to your account today and check out how we've just made the most powerful cloud-based collaboration hub even simpler and more pleasant to use.


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