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A better Clinked mobile collaboration app

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The new Clinked mobile app version makes a significant improvement to your mobile collaboration capabilities. Now, you can interact with your team members securely from your mobile devices in a way which the previous Clinked app version could not do.

The new mobile collaboration features

Here are the main updates to the new Clinked mobile app:
- Make comments to uploaded files & Clinked wiki pages.
- Give feedback to existing comments on files & pages.
- Direct your mobile comments to a specific team member with the @mention functionality, which, apart from being visible in the Activity Stream, also creates an email notification to the targeted recipient(s).

You can access the latest Clinked mobile app version for Apple devices on iTunes and for Android devices on Google Play now.

So the journey of aligning capabilities of the Clinked mobile app with the "standard" web application is speeding up! In September 2012 we launched the first Clinked mobile app, with the motto "See what is going on in your Clinked groups while on the go". Now, this is extended to enable interactions with your team members. And more mobile interaction capabilities are coming.

Coming enhancements to the Clinked.com mobile app

During 2013 you will see these mobile collaboration capabilities on the Clinked app:
- Tasks & Events: view, create, edit, comment
- Microblogging
- Clinked wiki pages: create, edit (you can already view and comment upon pages)
- Files: Upload, Connect with Google Drive

If you have ideas about what would make your mobile collaboration on Clinked and in general even better, please share them in the comments section.

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