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Making email part of your online team collaboration

Collaboration Features

One key benefit with an online collaboration tool is that content and communication can be centralised to dedicated work spaces, such as a group or a project. Yet, it is hard to collaborate without the use of emails at times, even when there is compelling evidence that emails are adding to frictions in an online team collaboration environment (e.g. in this McKinsey Quarterly article).

With Clinked, we therefore try to limit your dependence on email as a collaboration tool for sharing content or communication with colleagues or external partners. That said, we also recognize that email can make team collaboration more efficient, for example by allowing file uploading via email to your Clinked group, or sending you email notifications when team members are editing content which you have engaged with, or comments are added to content you have created, if you are mentioned in a microblog or comment etc. Simply put, email notifications matter to make online team collaboration efficient.

Better use of email notifications on Clinked
Up until now, a reply to an email notification would end up in a no-reply inbox of Clinked and it happened quite frequently; especially when a new member is invited to join a Clinked group, he/she often replies to the personalised message by hitting "reply to" in the email. Despite the lack of the proper recipient name, users simply assume that an email reply should reach the team member who triggered the email notification. So, that is why we introduce this ability, and here it how it works:

1. An action of a team member, e.g. adding a comment to a file you have uploaded, prompts an email notification to you.

2. If replying to the email directly, the two of you have engaged in a pure email conversation, no other team member will see your email reply on Clinked.

3. To make your reply visible to other team members, you log in and reply to the comment in the specific Clinked group.

Clinked email

Let us know if you have any questions below.

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