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Managing A Client Portal: Power of Tasks

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Check, Check ✅✅ The satisfaction of checking a task off a list can be such a gratifying moment. For many, it is a solo and often physical pen to paper experience - but, it could be incorporated into workflows to turn our individual actions into more, especially now with the reality of remote working and teams. 

Many of our clients found Clinked when searching for a cloud-based portal to easily work with their clients or partners. Some initially come with a need to securely send documentation between parties. Others with the desire to replace their physical tools such as a communication logbook onsite in an office with a digital tool. More recently, many come based on a requirement for a cloud-based & mobile forward platform to streamline team and client engagement across their geographically dispersed parties. 

They all share a need to have one platform - that’s flexible to integrate with other software - where their clients and team can meet and work better together.

This shared need for a single point of contact for interactions unites the diverse needs of our client base across industries. Thus giving opportunities for us to make Clinked a tool uniquely positioned as a leading client portal to bring all the technology needs into 1 platform - especially around the growing need around tasks!

In our recent client webinar, Clinked 101: Tasks, we highlighted the “how tos” of task functionality in Clinked. Offering clients a view on how they can achieve more with clients in one platform that is branded to represent their business, secure for all parties and mobile to meet the needs of remote work.

To learn more, explore our webinar for yourself here:

Clinked 101 - Tasks

Also, here's a quick summary to help you understand how you can use tasks with your clients in Clinked: 

In client relationships, there are tasks that both parties need to complete to successfully move forward. A client portal with tasks can help achieve more together by keeping transparency across all parties of where tasks stand in real time. 

To explore this, let's share a story. Sam Jones is a client manager at Budex Clients, which uses Clinked as their client portal to manage all projects. Sam is working with a client on their Investment Fund to complete their Q2'20 reporting for investors. There are 4 key tasks that he and their team of Fransisco and Evelyn need to complete together. To keep the team in sync, Sam has decided to use Clinked to manage these tasks and assign their ownership.

Let's see how that works in Clinked:  

Group Tasks


The above is an example of what can be done in our Clinked Client Portal. To further your understanding, let's explore a couple of the key benefits of a client portal to work better with clients to achieve more.

What is a Client Portal? 

Client portals are secure web portal software featuring document management and communication tools. The purpose of a portal is to allow organisations a single point to interact with their clients. Clinked has moved beyond the client portals of the past to focus on enabling easy interaction in real-time. These real-time interactions are done so in a branded, secure and mobile way to allow organisations to work better with their external clients and partners. 

Read more at on our blog post, What is a Client Portal


How do clients interact in a client portal? 

In most client portals, members are provided access to certain areas called groups, rooms, workspace, etc. Many portals allow for members to have roles to determine their access rights to the one or many groups they are assigned. And, within such groups, the member will likely have an additional level of security in the form of permissions to have access to particular content such as folders and files. 

Clinked, as a flexible system, provides endless possibilities for how to set up members capabilities across various groups. Also, there are advanced permissions in each content types such as files, folders, notes, tasks and events that can be setup for individuals in the groups to interaction per their needs. As such, Clinked has been designed to allow our clients to adjust each group to meet their needs.

Our Clinked clients often ask us to review how best to apply member capabilities and content permissions. Visit our webinar on that topic here.  

Read more about members and permissions in Clinked here. 


Could Clinked work for your organisation and clients? Let's explore how together! Schedule a time to speak with our team based on your schedule using the below link: 

Yes, I want to chat!

We're looking forward to helping you achieve more with Clinked!


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