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New Features from Clinked

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We hope that you're having the best experience possible with Clinked. Today, we're pleased to announce four new features:

1. Commenting & Approvals for External Users

We recently introduced the ability for our users to share files with people who aren't members of their account or group. We're now allowing these external users to approve or comment on the file that has been shared with them. This way you can quickly share a file and ask feedback without inviting them to your groups!

2. Improved CSV Task Upload

Want to manage your tasks more efficiently? You can import tasks, now complete with full details including assignees, by uploading a CSV file, this makes it easy to upload large quantities of tasks.

3. Faster Search

We improved our full-text search capability to provide faster search results. Now, your search results will appear almost instantly.

4. 'Pages' now called 'Notes'

The final change is to our 'Pages' function. We're renaming it to 'Notes' so it will be extra clear for your clients and new team members.

We hope that these changes will improve relationships with your clients and your team.

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