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Cutting-Edge New Email Functionality

Project management and collaboration tools are great (I would say that - I work with them), but there are always those niggling things about any platform which could be improved to make life easier.

One of the most basic is the need to log in to the programme in order to add content you want to share with your co-workers. Lazy as a it sounds, we have all groaned inwardly when there are a hundred other things on our To Do List and taking the ten minutes or more required to log in to your chosen software and upload the documents seems more like a trial than anything else.

Or maybe waiting in the departure lounge you have completed that task your boss set you, but need to get it up online for review before the aeroplane doors close and all communication with the outside world ceases. Only thing is, you don't have time to fiddle about on your smart phone entering another password etc. without risking the wrath of the stewardesses. However, if you don’t upload you will have to face the wrath of your boss.

Thankfully the tech team here at Clinked are always working on solutions to these sorts of problems.

The latest target of their innovation has been how to get data into Clinked securely but without the hassle of logging into the system. Their solution?

Email it!

Email Clinked the files you want to add using the dedicated address of your online group, and let the programme do the rest, adding the documents to your group and making them available to your colleagues. Simple.

This is a unique functionality amongst collaboration and project management platforms and we are very proud to be leading the way and breaking new ground in the field.

So send that email and sit back to enjoy the in-flight movie and drinks, safe in the knowledge that with Clinked you are ahead of the game.

 Your time is precious- make the most of it.

Clinked email

Clinked email

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