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Business Talk: What does it really mean?

By Edward
on April 19, 2017

In business, we spend a lot of time being fobbed off with excuses , that we actually believe are lies, and listening to polite phrases that could sometimes be considered to be a sugar-coated insult. When you think about it, they can be hilarious.

Many of us have probably said them ourselves in order to keep everyone else happy. Occasionally, some of us will struggle to see the truth though so we've translated a few of them to highlight their potential real meaning. Find out if you've had it happen to you!

business talk clinked


Sorry, She’s in a meeting.

She’s just putting her feet up with a nice cuppa, and has just given me dagger eyes and a cut-throat hand gesture.

Please hold whilst I transfer you to our sales department.

Please wait for an extended moment, whilst I shuffle the phone to the person next to me.

Not to worry.

You have caused me immense bother and I am fuming.

That's certainly one way of looking at it.

That's certainly the wrong way of looking at it.

It could be worse.

This situation could not possibly be any worse.

Could you send this to me as an email?

This will be so much easier for me to ignore in email form.

I'm sure it will be fine.

This is an apocalyptic situation that definitely cannot be saved.

That's quite good.

 That occupied me for three seconds and now I am bored of it.

We'll consider it.

 We won't consider it at all.

Can I have a quiet word?

 I'm going to tell you something which everyone else will know in ten minutes.

I know you're busy but...

 I know that you currently have nothing to do.

Thanks for getting in touch.

 Thanks for adding another irritating task to my day.

I'll look forward to hearing back from you.

 I won't.

Without meaning to sound blunt...

 I'm about to insult your work and intelligence.

Could you do this quick task for me?

 I have a long and laborious task for you.

Could you do me a favour?

 I have an unreasonable request.

Let's park this task.

 Let's not do this task.

This isn't really my area of expertise.

 I can't be bothered.


 More work.


 I don't know you.


Heard every day by business people; many of them are probably a huge barrier to efficiency for all parties involved, however we all know that they will long continue!


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