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Business Cloud File Sharing | 3 min read

Business File Sharing With Clinked

Business file sharing in the cloud is quickly becoming the norm for teams needing a quick, efficient method of transporting files from point A to point B via the Internet.

ipad-820272_1920.jpgSending one-page documents back and forth using e-mail might just be bearable, but for larger JPEG files or even MP4 videos, a cloud-based tool designed for sharing these larger files is necessary.

With the likes of Dropbox and Box leading the way, we’ve established that file sharing in the cloud works, but with the number of options available it’s important to choose the right one for your needs. For example, Dropbox probably won’t be the best choice for business file sharing because it’s a public cloud tool, which is less secure than a hybrid or private cloud solution.


Clinked is for businesses of any size. And when it comes to file sharing, companies need to choose a tool that focus on business file sharing rather than personal file sharing. You might need to meet certain security regulations, have certain features, or need a capability of sending large files back and forth efficiently.


Business file sharing needs a higher level of security

At Clinked, we understand how important it is for companies to find a business file sharing tool that is secure, efficient and easy for teams to implement. And what’s more, we understand the threats that come with storing and sharing your business files and folders in any cloud-based environment: private or public (or hybrid). For example, with data breaches appearing from the left, right and centre, security is paramount to choosing where you want to store and share your files and folders. But that’s why Clinked offers the highest possible data security, such as private cloud solutions and secure 256-bit SSL encryption for content access.


It’s all about the details: auto-expiry files and folders

Having the option to set an auto-expire date and time for business files that you’re sharing outside of your tool will provide the peace of mind that the potentially sensitive business files won’t be sent off blindly, with the risk of them landing in the wrong hands or worse…in your junk mail. The feature adds an extra layer of security when your company needs to take business file sharing to external members.


Version control can save user error

So you’ve overwritten a document by accident. Everyone does it, but that won’t mean anything if you can’t get that document back. Version control is designed to limit the damage caused when these things happen. You can access, restore and review previous versions, and see who has uploaded different versions (and when). With business file sharing, features like version control are extremely useful for comparing monthly reviews and recovering important autosaved documents for example.


Get the thumbs-up approval of your document

Finalise your files and folders with approvals from other members when business file sharing. Having the option to get your documents approved will make it clear that the latest document has been rejected or needs revising. Sending off the wrong version of a document would be less than ideal, and will make you look unprofessional, when sharing business files; so having the ability to see that the document you wish to send off has been approved will save time and embarrassment in the long run.


External sharing is simple and safe

Sharing your files externally is just as important as business file sharing internally because you’ll no doubt need to transfer documents to individuals that don’t have access to your tool, and fast. With data protection being a key concern of storing documents in the cloud in general, it’s critical that you know that your files will be protected if they’re being sent outside of your tool; this is why Clinked has taken measures, like the option of adding a password to an external share. And when you’re in a rush, you can securely share your business files externally with the quick-share feature.


If you’re a current user or testing out our demo, you’ll find these features in Clinked, because we wanted to design software that’ll make business file sharing in your client portal a fuss-free experience. But if you’re interested in finding out more, be sure to contact us!

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