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Choosing Client Portal Software For Accountants

Client portal software for accountants must serve many purposes for the wide ranging needs and demands of a business’ customers. Client portal software can allow accountants to have on-demand access to all of their financial data and other sensitive documents, all from a secure cloud environment; as well as be a private workspace for businesses, where communication between clients and staff can be productive and engaging.

There are a number of reasons why accountants can benefit from adopting a dedicated client portal software for accountants. From being able to offer clients the ability to upload multiple large documents to allowing accountants to communicate with clients without needing to arrange traditional, time-consuming meetings, here are 6 of the main reasons as to why Clinked’s client portal software is a great option for accountants.

What to expect from client portal software for accountants

Before examining the best reasons to pick a client portal software for accountants, it is useful to consider what the key demands are for accountancy firms. Your first expectation should be an advanced security offering, due to the highly sensitive nature of files and documents kept by accountants. Personal data is at risk if you choose an inefficient software option and this is not a chance you should be willing to take with your clients’ details.

You should also demand an easily navigable but highly organized filing system. The organisation of a large amount of files and a changing number of clients could easily lead to chaos in an unsophisticated file management system. Being able to simply find the right information you are looking for in your portal, and making sure it is clear for employees and clients where this is too, will give you an edge in providing an excellent customer experience.

Why choose a client portal software for accountants

1. White-label solution to increase brand awareness

Having your own branding front and centre in your software will leave a great impression on your clients. White label client portal software for accountants will allow you to meet brand guidelines and will help your clients associate your portal with your company. 

Clinked provides a number of branding options - you brand your login page and URL, change the colour scheme to match your house style, add your company logo, and even have access to a white label mobile app.

2. Document management to oversee multiple files easily

Finding what you need easily is key to running a business well. For accounts, your payroll, profit and loss accounts, tax information and other financial information can be managed from one central source - simply within your client portal software. Your business can be more efficient and organised as a result, benefiting everyone.

With Clinked, you can upload multiple files, control document permissions and file locking; as well as share external files with optional password protection and expiry dates and times.

3. Simple task planning lets you keep your work organised

Just as good document management ensures smooth business operations, so too does a strong task management tool. Good work management tools can help grow your business, as you can set up tasks and meetings for staff and clients and improve your internal process. By arranging and prioritising tasks, you will be able to keep track of deadlines and confidently be able to inform your clients of progress updates. It’s easier than ever to help your clients feel more involved in processes; boosting their satisfaction as well as your productivity. 

4. Client collaboration improves retention and loyalty

Consistent communication is vital for accountants. Being able to easily keep clients up to date with the latest progress updates will help in building strong relationships. Using client portal software for accountants can also allow you to gain a competitive edge against your competitors, who could easily get lost in multiple email chain conversations.

5. Subscription-based pricing as a cost effective way to manage your business

Implementing client portal software can be cost effective for your business after choosing the right tool. And by committing to a subscription based model, you know you have smaller regular payments rather than a large fee upfront. With scalable subscriptions, monthly payments and with no long-term contracts such as Clinked offers, you can rely on a regularly updated service and know you have the support from your software provider.

6. High levels of data security ensuring your information is safe

Most client portal software comes with standard back grade level security for its users. And with sensitive financial data continually being stored and shared internally and between departments, team members and clients daily; this is a necessity for accountants.

Clinked ensures that you get maximum protection and the highest level of file security for content access and storage.

If you’re an accountant and you’re interested in how Clinked can provide the best client portal software for your accounting business - find out more about our client portal. If you would like to see a demonstration of how Clinked could work for you specifically, book a demo with our friendly Client team.



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