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How Adopting a New Technology can Boost Productivity

Technology Productivity

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Technology and productivity co-exist. As we enter Quarter 4, now is the time to review current workflows to ensure your internal team is as productive as possible to end the year on a high!


Productivity and Remote Working

A main concern of the sudden shift to remote work at the start of 2020 was the impact on employee productivity levels. Pre-pandemic, a day working remotely was seen as a novelty, and the idea of working alone without a team dynamic was inconceivable. To our surprise, the situation many have found themselves in this past year has proved the concept  that remote working decreases productivity wrong - it’s found the opposite to be true. ​​

However, to create a successful remote team multiple factors need to be addressed. To build a flexible working environment where productivity levels are high, having the right resources available to workers and creating digital fluency are key. Hence, the majority of organisations have been adopting new technologies throughout the pandemic.


How can adopting a new technology increase productivity in a remote or hybrid environment?

Adopting a new technology, such as a client portal can help you work more effectively with internal teams and clients. Technologies ease the stress of remote work, by providing a way to stay connected with colleagues, collaborate with clients and manage your workload better. As many of us continue to work in a hybrid of home and office environments, it remains as important as ever to be able to easily access a virtual copy of your infrastructure and key documents, anytime, anywhere. 

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Where does a client portal step in?

A client portal provides a one-stop central location for documents. Clients can login to view or download these documents, lessening the need for long email chains. Offering a digital client experience to your own clients is especially important when working remote. Evidently, if you are connected you are productive. Client portals provide a place for real-time communication and collaboration; once adopted, features of a client portal form an essential part of everyday workflows to improve productivity.

Check if a Client Portal  Can Streamline Your Business

Looking for new technologies to enhance processes of the working day? Here are our top key features of a client portal (such as Clinked!) that will help to boost productivity:

1. A Task Management System

task-management-clinkedClinked’s Tasks feature is a great tool for keeping track of deadlines across your business. Benefits of using an online task management system include:

  • Ownership- Clinked allows you to assign members to tasks 
  • Organisation- previously you may have had a whiteboard to track deliverables in the office, now you can use a task management system to view tasks across the organisation at a glance, in a clear and visual way
  • Productivity- being assigned tasks results in motivation. In Clinked you can assign due dates, set task reminders and mark the progress of the task
  • Transparency- a task management system keeps transparency between all parties of where tasks stand 

What’s new to our Tasks feature?

To increase productivity, the Clinked team has updated the tasks feature to include:

Task Priorities - e.g. you can set the priority of a task to ‘high’. Find out more about this feature here

Dashboard Task Summary. This feature allows users to see a summary of all their tasks across all the Clinked groups they belong to with one click from the dashboard.


2. E-signatures

Clinked integrates with Adobe Sign and DocuSign so that you can sign documents on the go - even from a mobile!

3. Reachout

Need to get a message or announcement out to multiple client groups or individuals in an instant? This is possible with our Reachout feature. Recent new additions to the feature include:

  • Adding images and videos
  • Ability to send to a specific member or user tag 

4. Real-time Chat

With Clinked you can chat with clients in a secure and confidential environment that is mobile, permission based and auditable. The messages area looks professional and helps you connect easily when remote, giving you another way to efficiently manage your client work, that is much needed right now! Send messages on the go with our mobile app too.

These are just a few of our features designed to help you manage your workload better. Clinked also offers a Zapier integration so that you can connect the portal with your existing apps. Interested to learn more features that could help with productivity levels in your organization?

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