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Calling all Clinked users... Here are some new features!

Are you a Clinked user? Then we’ve got some improved features to announce to you! We’ve recently released two new feature updates for you to try: ‘Email Replies’ and ‘Email Notifications’. The two new features are the latest of the on-going updates we often roll out (both big and small) that are designed to improve your Clinked experience.

Below are some screenshot demonstrations on how the updated features work, so have a read of them and get collaborating with your team members and clients! 


Email Replies

‘Email Replies’ is the first updated feature. Clinked users now have the ability to view and reply to conversation chains that they’re mentioned in, within their portal, via email.


How does the feature work?


(Left: Example of 'Email Replies' feature)

To start using the updated feature, Clinked users need to reply directly to the email notification they receive when they’re ‘mentioned’ in a comment.

You can see a screenshot demonstration of ‘Email Replies’ on the left. To continue the conversation chain that can be viewed on both your email chain and in your client portal, press ‘reply’ in your email and type your reply above the line. Of course, you can always go into your client portal and type your reply directly; however we’re focusing on the email integration capabilities.

So, let’s say that I’ve now replied to Amy’s comment via email; this means that our conversation will now also be visible in our client portal for other team members and clients to view (see the screenshot below as an example).



Email Notifications

The second feature is ‘Email Notifications’. To start using this feature, Clinked users need to send a message directly from the client portal (‘mentioning’ another member who will receive the notification) or reply to a message via email (see ‘Email Replies’).

How does the feature work?

Clinkedemailnotifications2.png(Left: Example of 'Email Notifications' feature)

When a Clinked user is ‘mentioned’ in a comment and receives an email notification, the user is now able to view all of the conversations that are taking place on the particular Clinked document that they have been mentioned in. As well as being able to see the comment that I’ve been mentioned in by Amy, I can also see the other conversations that are taking place on the same document.

For example, the screenshot above shows how your reply will appear in an email format. It’s also worth noting that the updated features also include the ability to be able to see the date and time of when comments have been made, easily organising your conversation chains when they’re viewed via email.

Hopefully these new feature updates will provide yourself, your team members (and clients) with a more seamless experience when integrating both Clinked and traditional email functionalities.

Are you new here? Clinked is a file sharing, collaboration and client portal tool designed to help businesses (of all sizes) improve their productivity and communication within the workplace.

If you want to see a full list of all of our features, then head over to here. If you want to sign up for a free trial, then head over to here instead!

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