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Client Experience: Best Practices & Data Insights

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Improving client satisfaction & data insights are top priorities for executives - where do they fall in your priorities? 

A recent report by Harvard Business Review Analytic Service found reporting overwhelmingly that client experience is a top priority entering 2020. The survey found amongst 456 executives that 60% reported improving client satisfaction rates is a top priority. Of mature business, 62% reported being able to directly deliver better client experience through data insights. (1) 

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Across our Clinked community, we’ve found the same priority of client satisfaction has driven adoption across the 3,000+ organisations using our cloud-based client portal software across the industries. By using our Clinked client portal, the Clinked community are seeing the impact in real-time of working with clients on a digital platform and leveraging the audit reporting functionality to better understand their engagement across a client-facing team. 

We often share with our Clinked community how to effectively drive client experience and client satisfaction. To continue in our knowledge share on client journey, our Clinked team has put together the following 4 Best Practices to reach the benefits of client experience. Enjoy!


1. Create a Client-centric Culture

A client-centric culture focuses on creating a positive experience for clients before and after they are acquired by your business; in order to drive repeat business, increased loyalty and profits. 

One way of doing this is to encourage open and transparent communication with your clients throughout the process of acquisition and retention. Be open to engaging with your clients and prospects - encourage conversations, listen & react to feedback, keep them up-to-date and offer self-service through technology - to build stronger business relationships. A client-centric culture can be adopted across your departments and employees in order to ensure positive client experiences and increase revenue. 

How much can revenue increase? To give your team a taste: 86% say they are willing to pay up to 25% more for a better experience. (2)


2. Encourage Information Sharing

The attitude of ‘sharing’ is one that is established early on in life and it is safe to say that it still applies to the working environment on a day-to-day basis. 

From a business perspective, there is a relationship between sharing information with clients and client satisfaction that comes as a result; 55% easy access to information and support can make them fall in love with a company. 

What does that mean for your business? Clients want to easy access to their information based on your relationship. By meeting this need, it will assist in the development of better business relationships and increased loyalty with clients. 

One way of allowing easy access to information, without compromising on security and cost, is with a cloud-based client portal solution such as Clinked. Through a subscription-based, secure environment your businesses can share their information and documentation with clients (and team) - from anywhere, at any time how they want to access it.

“The cloud has been the most impactful technology we’ve seen in recent years,” says Kees de Waard, IT manager at DHD. “The cloud helps us manage costs by letting us expand or shrink services as our needs change.” (1)


3. Embrace the Use of Secure Technology

Technology has brought us everything from telegrams to fax machines to emails to now cloud-based client portals in the span of 50+ years. These developments continue to close the gap in the communication issues businesses face with changing client expectations. 

Today, businesses have numerous options to communicate with clients. From in-person meetings and physical letters to email and Whatapp messages, there are endless ways to embrace communication channels with clients. The use of these technologies can be extremely effective alongside the above principles mentioned. 

However, the security of these channels has come into question and is challenging all businesses to revisit the possible channels. In today’s world with the unlimited potential to share information, finding the correct processes to securely and instantly work to serve clients is a challenge for business leaders. No matter the geographical location or time zone, we can explore how to work better for your clients - they’ve chosen your team after all! 


4. Measure Actions for Data Insights

When these 3 steps combine across an organisation there is another benefit. Adopting a client-centric focus using technology focussed on information sharing on a platform such as a client portal allows your business to capture data through user interactions. These interactions can be used to better understand your team’s impact on clients and measure satisfaction. By measuring actions across your client base, your business will be able to uncover data trends in successful uses and where your clients may be struggling. Client success is dependent on their adoption, the value they see in your service and your team’s ability to meet their expectations. Bring your clients more by measuring their actions with your team to improve client experience. 


Curious to learn more about how Clinked can help your business? 

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  1. Pulse Survey: Understanding Why Analytics Strategies Fall Short for Some, but Not for Others by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, 2019
  2. Customer Experience Impact Report by RightNow, 2011 

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