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Did you know that Clinked has an Open API? It’s packed full of features for a rich user experience. From group management to file uploading and collaborating, Clinked’s APIs are already being used by developers for a variety of uses. Use our Open API to integrate with your preferred software systems based on the processes defined by your business to work better for your clients. 

APIs (“application programming interfaces”) have increasingly become a topic of discussion within many industries - specifically in professional services consulting with businesses. As digital transformations move businesses from on-premises systems to cloud systems (definitely a Must-Have now) the next stage is to streamline these cloud systems into an open infrastructure to connect business processes and drive real-time data feeds across operational processes. Given the growth of API adoption, many businesses have in-house IT or system teams that can investigate & plan how to interface the cloud software products across teams to do more. 

Sounds good? Yah, we think so too. Many cloud software products keep their API documentation behind a paywall (i.e. you must pay significantly for access to write the code to connect), however, we don’t and encourage our clients to use our publicly available documents (see further down the page to access) and we’ll even help implement your desired integration with your team. As you can probably tell, our API has been extensively documented and we always have support readily available. 

Open API

Lucky for you, there’s no need to just take our words as fact (I mean, we could be a bit biased on how awesome it is!). We’re happy to share that our API has been added to the ProgrammableWeb’s directory of APIs in the collaboration category. Check out what they had to say: 


“Clinked is a white label client portal service that can be customized and branded as the user specifies. The Clinked API allows developers to programmatically access the Clinked client portal for business. The API includes methods for managing users and groups, uploading and storing files, keeping events and tasks updated, following discussions, and chatting with clients.”


Curious what you can do with the Clinked API? Nice, here are some ideas: 

Manage your users and groups: Synchronize your Clinked user base with your existing software to avoid multiple registrations and permission management. You can also automatically create a new portal once you sign up a new customer.

Upload and store files securely: Improve the efficiency of content distribution, save time and improve your customer experience with automatic file uploads into your client portals, directly from your existing software solution.

Keep your events and tasks updated: Clinked’s events and tasks are great ways of organizing your projects and keep everyone up-to-date. Automatically import events and assign tasks from any third party or in-house software.

Follow discussions and stay informed: Using Clinked’s API  means that you can create new discussions, automatically sync existing discussions, contribute to and stay informed of any replies directly with your third party software.

Chat and react on notifications: Use Clinked’s Websocket to send and receive instant messages, notifications and activity stream records with your portal that can instantly sync with your existing third party software solution and keep clients connected at all times.

Accessible from mobile devices: Not only can our APIs integrate with your web-based Clinked portal, but it syncs with your native Clinked mobile applications. Updated files, created tasks, new discussions — access it all from your mobile app.


If you're a technically inclined & keen to try out the Clinked Open API, you can get started today using our Postman collection or jump right into code. Here are the steps: 

Signup: Choose the right Clinked Package for your business - pay monthly to test it out, no long term commitment required.

Authenticate: Authenticate your API before you can get started with synchronising users and uploading files - from videos & documents to large data sets & personal data requiring security.

Create user: After authenticating your Clinked account, you can get started with organising and viewing all of your integrated groups and team members.

Upload file: Efficiently start to synchronise file uploads, begin collaborating with clients & team members, allowing them to share files and start working on web portal & mobile devices.


To learn more, check out our available packages & our API Documentation. Start a 10-day free trial to start testing around or setup a time to speak with our team - we LOVE to talk integrations

Yes, Speak with Clinked

Looking forward to hearing from you. 



  1. https://www.programmableweb.com/news/daily-api-roundup-lumo-clinked-flapit-conotoxia-bancor/brief/2019/05/21

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